Some goods are cheaper in local markets than in Shoprite – SEE LIST

Shoprite, a popular South-African-owned retail chain, lays claim to offering variety of food products, household goods, and small appliances at “lowest possible prices.”

By Omono Okonkwo

On its website, fliers and other advertising products, the store likes to underline low, lower or lowest prices as its unique selling point.

But, is this always true? Not exactly.

PREMIUM TIMES’ checks in some local markets in Abuja showed that some goods are actually cheaper in those markets than in Shoprite.

The store, which is hugely popular in South Africa, opened its first Nigerian outlet in Lagos, the country’s commercial capital, in December 2005 and has gone on to open additional 17 stores in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, and seven other states.

The business, owned by Christoffel Wiese, a South African billionaire, has taken over the Nigerian retail market, making a killing off the country’s populace, who flock to its outlets to purchase both food and household items, often ignoring local markets closest to them.

A lot of Nigerians believe Shoprite prices are the lowest when it comes to groceries and household goods.

PREMIUM TIMES’ Business Review wanted to check whether this is true. So, on Wednesday, July 13 and on Friday, July 15, 2016, we hit the road, visiting the Shoprite outlet in the Central Business District (close to Sheraton Hotels), Nyanya main market, about 20 minutes from the city centre, and Wuse market in the centre of the city.We randomly chose 30 goods and compared prices in Shoprite and in the two Abuja markets. The differences are clear – Shoprite prices are higher than those of retailers in the two other markets we visited.

We also observe a trick by Shoprite. Its prices are never in whole numbers, always one kobo less. For instance Titus Sardine goes for N199.99, leaving a change of one kobo for the buyer. That one kobo is useless, as it cannot be used for any other purchase. Due to inflation and the dwindling value of the naira, coins have lost their relevance in the Nigerian marketplace.

See table for comparison of prices:

ItemShopriteWuse MarketNyanya Market
2kg Custard PowderN884.99N700N700
Titus SardineN199.99N170N150
A crate of eggsN1149.99N850N800
Smallest Hollandia EvapN159.99N70N60
500ml Plastic FayrouzN154.99N150N150
1kg green beansN719.99N600N400
350g Nasco cornflakesN519.99N500N500
285g Heinz salad creamN549.99N450N450
300g KetchupN429.99N350N350
415g Baked beansN299.99N270N250
Head of LettuceN179.99N160N150
1kg PonmoN1185N850N750
1kg Avocado pearN759.99N730N700
210g Gino tin tomatoesN239.99N200N160
340g Corned beefN1339.99N1200N950
3 litres Vegetable oilN1764.99N1600N1550
750ml Vegetable oilN639.99N600N600
1 litre Unsweetened Yoghurt drinkN929.99N900N800
Sandwich toasterN3499.99N3400N3000
400ml Five alive pulpyN149.99N140N120
250ml Chi Happy hourN54.99N50N50
330ml Amstel maltaN109N100N100
500g Dangote SugarN179.99N160N150
300ml LucozadeN209.99N200N180
Frozen chickenN1443.99N1200N1200
250g Moi MargarineN354.99N350N300
450g Blueband margarineN359.99N330N300
21g Beloxxi crackers biscuitN14.99N10N10
1 litre Five AliveN279.99N250N200

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