All you need to know about E-registration for COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria

The global pandemic which broke out in Wuhan China in December 2019 has on March 1, 2021, affected 219 Countries around the world with a total of 114,872,386 confirmed cases and a death toll of 2,546,807. Nigeria is not left out as it recorded its first case in February 2020. So far, Nigeria has recorded more than 155,000 cases and over 1,900 deaths.

Vaccine efforts

Since the emergence of vaccines, at least seven different vaccines across three platforms have been rolled out in many countries. Outside this, there are more than 200 vaccines being developed, of which more than 60 are in the clinical stage.

To curb the spread of the virus, the Nigerian government has been making efforts to purchase and make available coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines in the 1st Quarter of 2021. The government has announced that it is expecting 16 million doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine through the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Assess Facility (COVAX), a World Health Organisation-backed programme set-up to divide about two billion doses of vaccines across 92 low-and middle-income countries. Four million doses of these vaccines were announced to arrive Tuesday March 2, 2021

Nigeria’s vaccination strategy

On Monday, the ministry of health launched the T.E.A.C.H strategy for COVID-19 vaccination. This was announced on Twitter by the ministry of health and NPHCDA.

According to the health ministry, the T.E.A.C.H is an acronym for a five-point strategy developed by the vaccination implementation arm of the Ministry of Health out of the many years of vaccination implementation experience in Nigeria.


T in the acronym stands for Traditional Vaccination Campaign Approach,

E for Electronic Self-Registration by Eligible Nigerians,

A for Assisted Electronic Registration of Eligible Nigerians,

C for Concomitant Vaccination alongside Electronic Registration

H for House-to-House Electronic Registration.

Image of T.E.A.C.H by the ministry of health and NPHCDA.

The vaccine rollout will be in four phases, starting with frontline health workers and strategic leadership, followed by people 50 years and above with priority given to people with comorbidities, then people between the age of 18 -49 years with comorbidities, and the rest of the eligible population (people between 18 years to 49 years without comorbidities).

What is Comorbidities?

Comorbidities is the presence of two or more conditions occurring in a person, either at the same time, or successively (right after the other). 

Conditions described as comorbidities are often long-term (chronic) conditions like diabetes, obesity, mental illness, high blood pressure etc.

How to register for vaccination

To register for vaccination, visit the NPHCDA website and click on COVID-19  Vaccination E-registration. You can also call 0803 123 0415 and 0803 123 0416 for more information. 

The portal known as the Electronic Management of Immunization Data (EMID) registration portal is the registration platform of the Federal Ministry of Health for COVID 19 Vaccination. This portal captures your data and schedules you for COVID 19 vaccination.

Screenshot of the pop-up menu on the E-registration platform.

The registration form requires you to answer 14 questions in 14 fields. The first is your name, followed by your contact phone number, email address, date of birth (if it is known or unknown), sex, your type of Identification, residential address, your state of residence, Local Government Area (LGA) of residence, Ward of residence, preferred date of vaccination, preferred time of vaccination, a photo of your (face only), if you work in the health sector, your allergy history and a 3 digit number to be entered after which you submit.

Screenshot of COVID-19 E-registration form.

Some Nigerians have jumped on the train and gotten themselves a date for vaccination starting with Mrs Osindeinde Ademilayo Abodede, a frontline health care professional whose registration was announced by NPHCDA’s on Twitter.

Screenshot of NPHCDA Twitter post announcing Mrs Osideinde registration.

Another person with registration for vaccination is, Bashir Ahmed,  the personal assistant to the president on digital and new media, made known his registration on Twitter.

Screenshot of Bashir Ahmed’s Tweet.

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