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Alleged video of Jackie Chan and his daughter sobbing, misleading!

CLAIM: Jackie Chan and his daughter cry while viewing his old movies.

VERDICT: Misleading!

The video depicts a scene from the 2023 film “Ride On,” featuring Jackie Chan as the lead actor. In this scene, Chan’s character is a stuntman, and Liu Haocun portrays his estranged daughter. They are seen together in the video, sobbing while watching a compilation of Chan’s past movies.

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An Instagram account, “Clips,” recently shared a video online that showcases a touching and emotional moment involving veteran actor and martial artist Jackie Chan and his biological “daughter.” The video describes the scene as a heartwarming experience that captures the nostalgic expression on Jackie Chan’s face as he watches footage of the challenging stunts he has performed throughout his career. His alleged daughter, overwhelmed by her father’s past accomplishments, can only watch in awe, asking him if he was in pain while doing the stunts. The two began crying, an action that many commentators tied to the actor’s long-strained relationship with his daughter, Etta Ng, who was born out of wedlock. 

“Jackie Chan and his daughter crying while watching some of his old movie scenes is the most wholesome thing.” 

Opposing views on the matter

One user, Chocolatelavender, commented that the scenario is every father’s goal to make their children proud, “That’s every dad’s goal before we’re gone, to be something y(our) child is proud of.”

However, another user, Coriandertree, argued that the lady in the video is not Jackie Chan’s daughter, “That’s not his daughter. In real life, his daughter and him don’t have a relationship,” he disagreed.

Jackie Chan, a renowned international actor and martial artist, has captivated audiences worldwide for decades with his impressive stunts and charismatic movie performances. He has become a household name in Nigeria, admired for his unique and captivating style. However, there have been controversies in the past regarding his relationship with his daughter. This claim has sparked ongoing discussions and speculations, prompting DUBAWA to investigate the matter further.


After a thorough analysis of the purported video, DUBAWA discovered that it bears a striking resemblance to a scene featured in the movie “Rush On.” Upon reviewing the movie, it became evident that the alleged video was, in fact, a scene from the film.

Furthermore, DUBAWA searched and discovered that the actress in question was not Etta Ng, Mr Chan’s biological daughter, but actress Liu Haocun.

DUBAWA also verified Mr Chan’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts to see if he had posted the video scene and publicly acknowledged a reunion with Etta, but no such posts were found. News outlets had also not reported any similar development.

Jackie Chan strained relationship with his daughter 

Newspaper outlet Hollywood Life has reported that the rift between Mr Chan and his 23-year-old daughter, Etta, whom he had with 1990’s beauty queen Elaine Ng, continues. Hollywood Life quotes Etta as saying, “Mr Chan is not in my life, and I will never consider him my father.”

Yahoo also reiterates the strained relationship between the two, explaining that “Chan had never been there for her.”

Distractify reports on how, despite being married to his Taiwanese wife, Joan Lin, since 1982, Mr Chan had a sexual affair with Elaine Ng, an encounter the veteran actor himself described as “something wrong.”


The claim is misleading.  The video is from the 2023 Rush On, and the actress in the scene is co-star Liu Haocun, not Mr Chan’s biological daughter. Moreover, the relationship between Mr Chan and his daughter remains strained, according to media reports.

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  1. Dear fact checkers You know I dont care what you say about the Jackie chan video about misleading I shared it couse it was toughie feeling to my heart

  2. It was the duty of Meta/Facebook to scan the content before allowing it to be uploaded or may have removed it if had violated terms & protocols. Once abetting this fact & the said video was shared, liked by many, it’s useless to bring up such obnoxious issues. It’s simply a futile exercise to put the cart before the horse.

    The contentions of the said video & it’s caption is much more to heart & emotions devoid of any ambiguous issues. Therefore, this issue must be set a side for public interest.

  3. Your “fact checking” this simple video? I think you better fact check your ass!! How fricking stupid.

  4. All previous comments are absolutely right on. I’ve never accepted this thing called Meta. And the fact checkers need to study up on things now known as Retro. I’m older, and was taught to have a heart. So, what’s your excuse?

  5. What stupidity is this to fact check. This is a clip from a movie depicting of the sacrifice of our father/ parents. It does reflect a situation that some of us encounter in our life hence we share it. Of course it is not actual Jackie chan and his biological daughter as this is just a movie. Are you going to fact check all clips from movies where the father-daughter, husband-wife, mother- son relationship is not the same as in real life? Goodness.

  6. If you’re going to go into what’s real, and what’s not, what’s perfectly true, and what’s not, WHY are you not attacking these scripted post? The ones that claim it to be REAL pranks, but are obviously scripted and rehearsed several times!!! If you are going to cry foul about one being misleading, you have to do it to all, Because the way that it is now, the legitimacy of this Fact checking, is only a joke.

  7. Hello “fact checker”, it is thier family’s privacy just let it go. Its just a simple video clip between the father and daughter, theres no bad on it. The bad is you getting into someones privacy and drive them into some conterversies. There is no politics here or propaganda, either, having wrong behaviors on it. The clip is the daughters compliments about his fathers sacrifices, thats it. Please let them go, it’s someones personal situation.

  8. Hey fact checker, I know this is a movie. please always consider the short clip content, it is the relationship between father and daughter. how did the daughter thank to her father and she asked the father right? for the sake of a father they will do everything for the good of her daughter. So a lot of people can relate to what those short clips indicated.

  9. “Rush on”. Is that an actual movie? While fact checking this fact checking I could not find this movie. Google search came up with nothing. So I find this fact check misleading or even false since I can’t find the stupid movie. And like everyone else said, it’s a video clip. Why even fact check this. This is stupid. They never pop up and say Santa Claus is fake. Or Jesus wasn’t the only white guy in the middle east. But this? Really? Someone got paid to do this? Someone said okay to typing out this waste of time? Reference a movie you can’t find? I find this site or company or whatever this entity may be to be misleading.

  10. All of these people upset at you. Let’s not act like Jackie Chan isn’t a cheating piece of shit who didn’t care for his daughter.

  11. Thank you. Always good to know the truth.

    Does it make a difference? In this case, to me, probably not. But I can envision that similar fact checking in other similar cases could be useful. Good work.

  12. Amazing work Cole!! Take a good look at these negative comments; what you will see is a pattern. One that goes the extra mile in showing how shallow minded people can be. They selected a point for their defence, and tried to make your work look like trash. But don’t let it get to you. It was thoughtful and genius of you to do this. Kudos!

  13. The movie is called “Ride on”.
    This is being fact checked because misleading information on social media. People are thinking this is him with is biological daughter while it is a movie scene (I get that his bio daughter would be like eh, no that’s not me and I do not associate myself with him. And prob the other way around too). I don’t understand why everyone here is upset with the factchecking. Wtf is happening?
    You must really not know how much bullshait there is on the internet.

  14. you better check the title of the movie. the title of the movie is “Ride On” not “Rush On”

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