Are Classrooms Filled With Cows in UNIJOS? #NO

A not-so popular news media organisation, ScanNews, is on Facebook claiming that senior citizens (cows) have taken over the classrooms of the University of Jos.

The post on ScanNews via Facebook reads: “This is University of Jos where senior citizens attend classes instead of students.” A picture showing a herd of cows inside a classroom accompany the post.
However, the school management of UNIJOS have denied the allegation.


Ordinarily, the term “senior citizens” refer to the aged, retirees or pensioners; people who have attained a certain age on earth. In Nigeria and with reference to the recent happenings, a particular family of animals are referred to as “senior citizens”. They are COWS!


The attention of management of the University of Jos has been drawn to the post which shows cows in a classroom in the University of Jos. Abdullahi Abdullahi, Principal Assistant Registrar (Information and Publications) of the University of Jos who spoke on behalf of the school management said in a few words “the post is not true. It is just lies”.


The incident which was posted on July 23 has been refuted by students of the University of Jos. Enoga Aje Oitu, a 400 level student of History and International Studies said “it is a lie please. I was in school that very day around 10am and I left by 1:30pm and I didn’t see cows in any classroom or heard about it”.

Uche Francis Emmanuel, a 400 level student of Accounting said “I was in school from 7am to 11:30am. Though I saw some cows grazing in the school premises that very day, the issue of cows in the classroom is not true”.


A genuine picture speaks a thousand words but a fake picture creates confusion and a frenzied atmosphere. Our research team, using Google Reverse Image Search, discovered that the picture was taken in 2017 and used to narrate an incident that occurred in Edo state.

Are Classrooms Filled With Cows in UNIJOS? #NO

The story behind the photo, which was reported by various news agencies, alleges that cows invaded Ohovbe Primary school in Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of Edo state. The cows disrupted classes and generally sacked pupils and teachers. It was gathered then that the herdsmen have turned the school to a grazing ground and the cows hide inside the classrooms whenever it rains.


The post is FALSE both in words and in picture! The classrooms at the University of Jos have not been overturned by cows. Although cows were in classrooms in Edo in 2017, cows have not been sighted in the classrooms of the University of Jos as the post alleges.

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