Donald Duke

Former Cross River Governor

Donald Duke is a two-term Governor of Cross River state from 1999-2007. Taking it a step further, in 2007, he announced his intention to run for the presidency under the people’s Democratic party but eventually gave up the dream for the eventual winner, Umaru Musa Yar’adua. Duke has been named as one of the only Governors not under the watchlist of EFCC.

Resume in Brief

AGE: 57 Years (Born 30 September 1961 in Calabar)

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Social Democratic Party

RUNNING MATE: Shehu Musa Gabam


  • LLM in Business Law and Admiralty from the University of Pennsylvania (1984)
  • BL from the Nigerian Law School, Lagos (1983)
  • LLB from Ahmadu Bello University (1982)


  • Governor of Cross River state from 29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007
  • Commissioner for France Budget and Planning for Cross River State, 1992-1993


Promises (2019)

(Promises are grouped into the thematic areas: economy, infrastructure, health, education. Security, and political inclusion for all candidates.) Also, a detailed account of his plan for Nigeria is contained in what he calls the ”Policy Document”. Excerpts.


  • Expand the economy and reverse the 15% unemployment Nigerians in two terms
  • Clean up the 2.5 billion cubic feet of gas equivalent of 25 million litres of diesel that is flared every day.
  • Radical improvement of access to finance for SMEs
  • Co-opt private sector support through regulatory incentives in achieving, among other things, the initiation of single diet interest rates with reasonable tenures
  • Improve tax collection and compliance using up to date technology
  • Pursue an insurance policy that expands insurance participation on life and invests in the non-oil and gas sectors.
  • Follow a robust five -year rapid infrastructural development plan, strategic Policies to attract foreign direct investment with the aim of revamping the ailing manufacturing sector, strengthening the service sector, and reducing Nigeria’s worrying import dependency.


  • Develop a skills-oriented educational system which will cover access, curriculum development, teacher training and development  and infrastructure
  • Design a compulsory system of education, from creche to adulthood, to ensure that every child up to the adult age of 18 years will acquire education and learns a skill concurrently.
  • Make a series of strategic investment in revamping the teaching profession to attract first-rate talent competitive remuneration with health and housing benefits, hardship allowances for teachers willing to teach in rural arrears – and ensuring a teacher/student ratio of 1-20 at primary and 1-30 at secondary level while also trying teacher career reward to student performance.


  • Eliminate the security agency called SARS


  • Ensure the efficient use of Nigeria’s hydro resources by revamping the outmoded infrastructure that supports it.
  • Localise the power generation, transmission and distribution value chains as an urgent and effective means of diversifying the country’s power sector
  • Co-opt the private sector to encourage access to finance for housing development  at better interest rates
  • Invest in building basic infrastructure in developing and rural areas to stem the tide of rural-urban migration and the consequent congestion of urban settlements.
  • Locally produce building materials while also deploying creative solutions in the construction of houses.
  • Stem the loss of land to desertification particularly in the Sahel region and in addition plug into ongoing efforts at the multilateral level targeted at building up a Great Green wall to slow down ongoing desertification in the Sahel region.
  • Build rail lines ”as rail lines technology is so basic”.


  • Improve the budgetary allocation to the sector by over 35%
  • Deliver universal healthcare across the country
  • Provide a minimum of one General Hospital/Acute-care facility in each local government area
  • Stem the flow of Doctors migrating to the diaspora by radically improving their working conditions across the country.

Political Inclusion:

  • Support the clamour for restructuring
  • Support the revision or amendment of the same sex act as it is not accepted by the norms of the nation.

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