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#EndSars: Viral video suggesting Tinubu was chased out of France is a hoax

Claim: a Facebook user shared a video, claiming that Bola Ahmed Tinubu was chased out of France recently. 

The viral claim, shared via a video, that Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was chased out of France recently is untrue. Analysis carried out on the video indicated that the event took place somewhere in the UK, not in France. While Mr. Tinibu is also not spotted anywhere in the video. Thus, this claim is misleading.  

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The #EndSARS movement in Nigeria has no doubt stimulated an upsurge of turmoil that has developed into massive protests all over the country. As a result of this upsurge, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the leader of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) has been under heavy criticism for his alleged role in some of the ongoing drama emanating from the #ENDSARS protest. It’s in line with the theme that a Facebook user, Kola Victor, shared a video with the tag “thank God they’ve chased Tinubu away from France just now”. The video depicts innocuous chaos, with some persons and police at the scene that appears to be a European society (which the claimant poised  to be France.)

Already, there are unsubstantiated lingering reports about Tinubu’s departure to France but this claim seems to have drawn a conspicuous attraction from social media users with 18 diverse opinions and  720 reactions. Toala Oguntayo argued that “this is not Tinubu, please leave this man alone;” however, Racheal Somuyiwa, who appears to have already agreed with the claim commented that “I am happy with the way you people embarrassed Tinubu atlas man.” 

Nonetheless, Dubawa opts to verify the claim, not putting aside the impact it may have on society, especially at a time when matters in Nigeria are  currently at a sensitive climax. 


Preliminary analysis of the video on InVid Video verifier confirmed the footage to have been captured with a mobile device somewhere in the UK not in France. Further analysis revealed that the van in the video,  is a typical UK police van and the plate number  it bears reflects the UK ‘FPU” private number plate.

Even more, the police officers in the video are putting on a typical UK police uniform; black trousers and lemon green jackets,  which is not in any way similar to the French Police uniforms. 

Although the video ties the claim to  Mr. Tinubu, he is not seen or sighted throughout the duration of the brief video clip. Also,  no audio narrative or text within the video suggests that Mr. Tinubu was there at the scene or that the event even transpired somewhere in France.


This video is misleading. First, it failed to portray the content of its claims. Second, an analysis carried out proved the event in the video took place in the United Kingdom, not in France. This claim is false. 

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