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FALSE! Korede Bello did not quit music career to join police force 

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Claim: A Facebook user said Korede Bello quit his music career to join the police force. 

FALSE! Korede Bello did not quit music career to join police force 

Verdict: FALSE. The image used is an old picture taken in 2018 as an ambassador of the Force. His latest album was released last month. 

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Korede Bello, born February 29, 1996, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He signed a record deal with Mavin Records in 2014. Mr Bello is best known for his hit single “Godwin,” a semi-gospel and pop song which became a national anthem and topped many music charts across Nigeria.

Ebira Icon, a group on Facebook, posted that Mr Bello had quit his music career and joined the Police Force. He alleged that a source had hinted to him of the recent development.

The post, which has now gone viral, was also seen to have appeared on different groups on Facebook. Since it was posted on September 4, 2023, it has gained 156 likes, 37 comments, and 64 shares. He also posted pictures of Mr Bello wearing a Police uniform. 

In another post, Dabi TV said his fans think music is more than him. Some Facebook users like Ogu Moses asked which state the musician served. Another post by Taiwo Benjamin wrote that the rank needed to be lowered for him, implying that he was given the position, not by merit. 

After going through the conflicting comments on the post and the personalities involved, DUBAWA decided to investigate the claim. 


Using an advanced Google search, we saw that no media outlet had reported the news that Korede Bello had become a police officer. We, however, conducted a reverse image search on the picture attached to the post and saw on Google Lens that it was taken on March 24, 2018. 

Mr Bello was decorated with the honorary title of Superintendent of Police by the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris. We also went through the social media page of Mr Bello and saw the picture of him being decorated in 2018 on Instagram

“I want to be part of the solution, not just paying lip service to nation-building. Rare selfie of SP Korede Bello and IGP Idris K. Ibrahim. Say hello to the new Doro M3GA Superintendent of Police,” his caption reads.

We also saw on Instagram that he released his new album on Aug. 25, 2023, titled “Beauty and Bliss”  after the post.

We tried to reach out to Mr Bello through his social media handles for further comment but got no response. 


Mr Bello’s recent album release shows he did not quit his music career to join the police force. The picture showing him wearing a police uniform was taken in 2018 when he was decorated as an ambassador. 

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