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Five Articles To Keep You Safe On The Internet

  1. Internet Security: What You Should Know About Unverified Links Shared On Social Media Platforms

With the influx of information and apparent fraudulent activities on the internet, it is essential to arm yourself with all that is necessary to make informed decisions and keep safe while using the internet. In this regard, click here to learn how to protect yourself, your device and your social media accounts.

  1. Four Questions To Ask When Consuming Information Online

While social media is a convenient way to gain access to news and stay connected to friends and family, it is not that easy to differentiate factual information from fake news on social media. In this light, here are four quick questions to ask yourself amidst the surge in online content.

  1. Online Fraud: Ways To Spot Fake Websites

Digital evolution and  technological advancement has without doubt  caused changes in almost all aspects of human endeavour. With the increase in the number of malicious links flying across WhatsApp, announcing and directing users to fake promos, grants, funds, and gifts on unknown websites, it is imperative to equip yourself with the knowledge in this article

  1. Four Simple Ways Of Fact-Checking Without Using The Internet

According to the International Communications Union, as of 2019, only 47% of the world’s population uses the internet in developing countries. That leaves a vast gap between developed and developing countries regarding the capacity to correct misinformation before it damages society. Here are some simple and effective ways of fact-checking without the internet.

  1. Philip Emeagwali Is Not The Creator Of The Internet!

Philip Emeagwali did not create the internet as widely believed. Also, a person cannot solely be pinpointed as the father of the internet because many scientists worked on different parts. Emeagwali’s work was never related to the internet. It was all self-promotion and branding.

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