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Five Fact-checks On Popular Beliefs You Need To Read

  1. The Combination Of Malt And Milk Does Not Increase Blood Volume

It is a popular belief that the combination of malt and milk increases blood volume but there are no studies to back up the claim. Professional nutritionists have also refuted this claim.

  1. Groundnuts Does Not Cause Pimples

Nutritionists, dietitians, researchers and medical experts do not agree with the claim that groundnuts or other oily foods can cause pimples but they encourage a healthy diet, good hygiene, exercise, and other healthy activities to make bodies fit and beautiful.

  1. The Consumption of Coconut Does Not Trigger Cough

Medical experts do not agree with the claim that coconut can cause or aggravate coughs. They rather affirm that every part of the coconut is healthy for human nourishment. 

  1. There Is No Medical Evidence To Prove That Sleeping With A Phone Under A Pillow Is Dangerous To One’s Health But Experts Have Advised Not To Do So 

Although there is no evidence to prove medically if indeed sleeping with a phone under a pillow is dangerous to one’s health, it has been proven that phones do emit a level of radiation. It is, therefore, advised that users prevent prolonged usage of the phone and always keep the phones away from themselves when going to bed.

  1. Perfumes Do Not Cause Cars To Explode

Opening any perfume bottle while the air conditioner is switched on in your car cannot cause a fire. Only if the perfume is sprayed and a match is lit simultaneously, then an explosion can occur.

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