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Five key differences between Twitter and its rival Threads

On Thursday, July 6, 2023, Meta launched a new Application (App) called Threads. This App linked with Instagram was launched in 100 countries, including Nigeria.  

The App, which gained about 10 million sign-ups in its first few hours, has been likened to Twitter, but some features differ. 

  1. Spaces

Twitter has a Spaces feature that allows users to have live audio conversations that anyone can join in and listen to, but Threads does not. 

Screenshots of Threads landing page Vs Twitter’s landing page. 
  1. The search bar

While the search bar of Twitter allows you to search for Twitter users, explore trendy topics around the world and in your immediate environment and find trendy videos, the Threads search bar only enable you to search for users to follow.

Screenshots of Twitter search bar Vs that of Threads. 
  1. Engagement/reaction icons 

Under posts on Twitter, there are options to like, comment, retweet, see the number of views, bookmark, and share the links, but for Threads, you can only like, comment, repost, or share the link. 

Screenshot of Twitter Engagement/reaction icons Vs that of Threads. 
  1. Hamburger button options 

The Hamburger button on Twitter allows you to unfollow a user, add or remove a user from your list, add a user to your Twitter cycle, mute the user, block the user or report the tweet. For Threads, this button only allows you to unfollow, mute, hide or report a post or user. 

  1. Direct Message 

While Twitter has a direct message option for chatting privately with your followers, the Threads App does not have this.

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