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IFCN announces call for new signatories

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The International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), a unit of the Poynter Institute, has invited fact-checking organisations globally to become signatories to its Code of Principles.

Since its establishment in 2015, the fact-checking network has consolidated its position by uniting fact-checkers globally and supporting various initiatives such as annual conferences and training programmes.

The Code of Principles is the standard for unbiased, transparent, and responsible fact-checking accepted by existing fact-checking organisations within the network. Organisations embracing these principles demonstrate a commitment to excellence in fact-checking, contributing to a global effort to combat misinformation. In return, they enjoy dividends and privileges exclusive to member signatories.

This new development followed the temporary halt of membership to ensure thorough processing of those in the pipeline after the network received a record number of 61 new applications in 2023 alone. 

In the statement signed by the Deputy Director, Ferdi Özsoy, on Jan. 23, 2024, the network revealed it provides new guidance and support to enhance the application process for organisations considering becoming signatories. 

“Becoming an IFCN signatory signifies that a fact-checking organisation meets high editorial standards and has achieved financial stability,” he said. However, start-ups or newly formed ventures cannot apply as membership indicates organisational maturity.

The application process is scheduled to close on Feb. 20, 2024, at 11:59 PM (GMT-5), and the subsequent window opening would be on May 1, 2024, at the same time. 

Organisations interested in applying are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the IFCN’s five core principles: nonpartisanship and fairness, transparency of sources, funding and organisation transparency, methodology transparency, and a commitment to an open and honest corrections policy.

Eligible organisations must complete the New Applicant Eligibility Form and provide comprehensive information about their fact-checking practices, team, and funding sources. 

Submissions will be reviewed by IFCN staff, who will also guide organisations through subsequent steps.

Applicants are advised to attend the scheduled webinar on Jan. 31, 2024, by 9 am (GMT -5) to better understand the application process and the network’s role. Registration for this webinar can done on the IFCN website. 

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