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Image from Dubai portrayed as Nigeria’s road system 

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Claim: The image of the highway road is in Nigeria, the giant of Africa.

Image from Dubai portrayed as Nigeria’s road system 

Verdict: FALSE. Google Lens and Google Earth reveal the highway is Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, while geolocation publications further attest to it.

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Since the West African nation gained independence, Nigeria has been widely regarded as the “Giant of Africa” due to its large land mass, cultural diversity, huge population, and huge oil production. However, poor leadership and gross corruption have kept the nation underdeveloped for most of its post-independence era.

A Facebook user, David Samson Abj, in a Facebook group, Breaking News in Nigeria, linked part of an ultra-modern city highway to Nigeria and suggested the development further makes the country the Giant of Africa.

“Nigeria remains the giant of Africa,” the Facebook user wrote.

Along with the post, he added a photo of a busy highway, with multiple cars plying its numerous lanes, to depict his assertion.

Image from Dubai portrayed as Nigeria’s road system 
Screenshot of the alleged Nigerian highway.

Facebook users engaged in the post, which has gained 72 reactions, 99 comments and two shares as of Saturday, September 9, 2023. Many dismissed the claim as untrue.

“This is not Nigeria,” stated Ezekudele Lar.

“There is no keke on this road,” King Ezugwu contended.

“Nigeria will be there soon if mediocrity is shown (the) exit door,” commented Francis Uguru.

To clear all doubts, we decided to fact-check the claim.


We conducted a Google reverse search, using Google Lens, on the image, and it presented similar images identified as Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.

Image from Dubai portrayed as Nigeria’s road system 
Screenshots of Sheikh Zayed Road as identified by Google Lens.

Further analysis of the location on Google Earth showed an identical locality representation. We observed that all locations around the images are in Dubai.

Image from Dubai portrayed as Nigeria’s road system 
Geolocation of Sheikh Zayed Road. Photo Source: Google Earth.

Similar images of the road also surfaced in a publication by Golden Bee estate, which links it as the “main road artery in the emirate of Dubai.”

AutoJosh also published an article about the highway. The publication identifies the Sheikh Zayed Road as a 558.44km area, named after the then President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.”

The article further revealed it is one of the highways that connects the seven emirates. 


The claim is false. Google reverse search and Google Earth analysed the image as Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. 

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