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Old video used to make false political claim

CLAIM: Senator Dino Melaye claims that security forces arrested some thugs associated with APC in Lagos state yesterday, March 17.

Old video used to make false political claim

FINDING: The video Mr Melaye tweeted was first shared by a Twitter user on May 29, 2022, with a different narrative. A news media, Oyo Affairs, also made a report regarding the video on the same day, stating police intercepted thugs trying to disrupt APC primaries in Oyo state. 


SOURCE: Oyo Affairs, Twitter

DATE: 18/03/2023

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  1. Why won’t they say it is false? If you are to be in Nigeria, you will understand how people are been intimidated, APC tugs shot and distroy ballot paper and boxes. Intimidation of calling anyone who try to vote for any party that is not APC has been the order if the day, people are scared of going out to cast their votes because they are afraid of APC tugs. If you don’t me come over to Nigeria and interview people on the outcome of 2023 general election, then you will find out the truth yourself. As far as I’m concerned 2023 general election in Nigeria us not free crqdibile and fair. INC and APC government even rigged 25/2/2023 presidential election by anouncing Someone whom majority of Nigerians didn’t vote for as the winner. (Tinubu is not the rightful winner of the presidential election) come over here and investigate it yourself. We need international bodies to come to our aid our votes does not count, intimidation from the ruling APC government and their tugs all over the country.

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