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Phishing websites claim the Federal Government is recruiting 50,000 youths

Claim: a certain website claims the Federal Government of Nigeria is recruiting and employing 50,000 youths via a link it provided.

The claim that the Federal Government of Nigeria is recruiting 50,000 youths via a link provided by a certain website is false. The website is uncovered to be a phishing website used for fraudulent activities. 

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A certain websites: http://bit.ly/3IE2yCG bearing the emblem of the National Directorate of Employment claims that the federal government of Nigeria is offering employment and recruiting 50,000 youths via a link the website provided. The information which is shared as a web-based message on WhatsApp has been shared across the platform over 1,750. 

The link requires the user to complete a 4-stage procedure before accessing the said job.  The first step requires one provide name and year of graduation; the second is the provision of contact details such as email, city, and contact number; and third requires the user to upload a passport and share a certain link on WhatsApp as provided by the website before accessing the said job which is the fourth stage. 

In the past, Dubawa has analyzed websites offering jobs to be both dubious and while misleading unsuspecting members of society. It is due to this existing skepticism that Dubawa again opts to verify the authenticity of this website and the pact it seeks to offer.


Dubawa carefully followed through the stages offered by the website as a requirement for employment. The third stage which requires users to share a certain link to multiple users on WhatsApp before accessing the said job proved inexhaustible as there was nothing on the last stage. 

Also, when the link the website offered was analyzed on Scamdoc, the tool gave it a very bad trust score of 1%  and suggested that the link was recent and known for being used by fraudulent websites. 

Also, we uncovered the link in question to be a data phishing website. These sites are usually riddled with installed root pop-up ads that generate traffic through fraudulent schemes; worse still, they engage in the extraction of users’ data and financial details for nefarious purposes. 

Furthermore, Dubawa uncovered that The National Directorate of Employment has disclosed a news release on its official websites in February 2020 to train 50,000 individuals on ‘Skills for Job’ not recruiting or employing youths as claimed by the website under scrutiny. 

Dubawa reached out to the National Directorate of Employment but was yet to receive feedback over the claim.


The facts uncovered proved that the link and the information the website propagates is false. Furthermore, the Federal Government has never carried employment through third party websites or asked individuals to share or forward a link as a necessary requirement. Its procedures are usually made public through press releases or public announcements.  

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