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Photo showing President Weah and Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah, Doctored!

Claim: Facebook user, Matina Konateh, in a post shows a photo of President George Weah hand-in-hand with Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah.

Photo showing President Weah and Ghanaian Actress Jackie Appiah, Doctored!

The photo is photo-shopped.

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Facebook user Matina Konateh has posted a picture of President George Weah hand-in-hand, with Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah.

The photo is accompanied by the caption asking what the president could possibly be doing with the actress.

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Matina Konateh Facebook post

The photo shows President Weah attired in a gray suit, walking with a smiling Jackie Appiah across an ancient design marble stone floor in an undisclosed location. 


Dubawa’s check found that the picture of President Weah was taken during one of his state visits to Paris, France in 2021, according to Presidential aide, Sekou Kalasco. 

Kalasco had done a post with the same picture on Facebook on September 1, 2021, to announce the formal dedication of the Military Hospital in Margibi County. 

C:\Users\user\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (51).png
C:\Users\user\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (50).png
Sekou Kalasco’s post on September 1, 2021

Further research found that the picture of Jackie Appiah was taken from her official Facebook page and photo-shopped with Weah’s original picture to indicate that the two were walking together. 

The Ghanaian actress had originally posted the picture on her page on March 15, 2021.

C:\Users\user\Pictures\Screenshots\Screenshot (53).png

A critical look at the picture posted by Konateh reveals visible signs of cropping exactly where President Weah is holding Appiah’s right hand, as can be seen in the first picture above. 


The photo posted by Matina Konateh has been doctored to show Weah and Appiah walking across the floor holding hands.

The researcher produced this fact check article per the Dubawa 2021 Kwame KariKari Fellowship partnership with the Center for Media Studies and Peacebuilding (CEMESP) to facilitate the ethos of “truth” in journalism and enhance media literacy in the country.

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