Sex Will NOT Kill Coronavirus!

A viral image stated that Constant sex kills coronavirus.

Sex cannot kill or cure coronavirus, the science does not add up. Rather such close contact with an infected person will expose the partner to the disease.

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Constant sex kills coronavirus, breaking news live from CNN. This message appended on an image has been on display across Whatsapp groups and other media recently. The image featured CNN’s, Wolf Blitzer

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, misinformation regarding the virus has since been a major conversation on social media. What’s more, fake news regarding the pandemic shows no signs of slowing down. We have seen circulars asserting the curative effects of garlic, chloroquine and even cocaine, against coronavirus.

In a string of bizarre trends comes another allegation that constant sex kills coronavirus.


Another example of a meme generator

Dubawa checks revealed this is not the first instance of the would-be CNN frame. A reverse image search revealed the same picture used earlier with the caption “Alcohol kills coronavirus”. In this instance, the frame (which is most-likely a meme generator template), we surmise took a CNN report out of context. The publication advised its readers to utilize an alcohol-based sanitizer to ensure hygiene amid the coronavirus epidermic.

Excerpt from CNN

Additionally, Pesacheck noted a few irregularities when comparing the frame with CNN’s font style.  

Image of a legitimate CNN broadcast; courtesy, PesaCheck

Hold on, wait a minute

Let us not forget, WHO listed known ways of contracting the virus; among which, proximity and bodily fluids rank high. Why is this important, you ask? It is noteworthy as this claim suggesting sex as a “killer” of coronavirus is rather counterintuitive.

Sex is more of a risk factor than a cure

Sex is an activity that has to do body contact. This is the first red flag. Coitus or sex involves close contact, close contact means interaction with body fluids. And, as we noted earlier, this is a sure way of coronavirus transmission when an infected part is involved. 

The standard recommendation by WHO to prevent the spread of the virus includes regular hand washing as well as covering of mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. 

In other news…

WHO notes a list of myths regarding the virus.

Source: Taiwan Fact Check Centre
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