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Video showing Donald Trump berating Nigerians for protesting against Tinubu’s administration, manipulated

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Claim: An X user posted a video showing Donald Trump criticising Nigerian nationals for clamouring over the hardship of the Tinubu-led government.

Video showing Donald Trump berating Nigerians for protesting against Tinubu’s administration, manipulated

Verdict: FALSE. Our findings show that the video is AI-generated.

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Since the removal of the fuel subsidy on May 29, 2023, by President Bola Ahmad Tinubu, Nigeria has been plunged into an economic dilemma as prices of goods and foodstuffs have skyrocketed. 

In a quest to demand a review of the policy to lessen the hardship, individuals and organised bodies in the nation have protested here and there to complain over the economic crisis. 

One such event is the two-day nationwide strike held between Feb. 27 and 28, 2023, by the Nigeria Labour Congress in conjunction with other associations nationwide. The strike was to demand an increase in the minimum wage for workers and stability of the nation’s sickening economy. 

Meanwhile, an X user, @Ogunyem71132779, posted a video of Donald Trump, a former president of the United States of America, advising Tinubu to lock up anyone speaking ills against his government.

The post caption reads: “Donald Trump on Tinubu. If I were Tinubu, I would have the whole bunch of you complaining locked up  in prison!”

“Abeg PBAT, continue your job, we no dey make noise again. We are not hungry again before you go follow Donald Trump’s advice o. Biko, we beg u.”

As of Saturday, March 9, 2024, the post has amassed about 66,000 views, 289 likes, 220 reposts, and 55 quotes. On going through the comment section, we found out that scores of users expressed disbelief in the narrative.

@UdeaniUche wrote, “Pls stop misleading people. This is an AI-generated piece.”

Another user, @rjtexlym wrote, “Voice over isn’t real.”

Seeing the engagement level of the post and contrary comments, DUBAWA decided to fact-check it and set the record straight.


Watching the video closely, we observed that the audio was not synchronised with the movement of the former American president’s mouth. This red flag ignited scepticism.

Upon closer inspection, DUBAWA found that the 18-minute video in the upper left shows that the viral clip is made with Parrot AI.com.

Parrot AI is an artificial intelligence tool used to create fun audio clips to make your favourite celebrity say anything. The first step is to pick a celebrity of your choice, then type what you want them to say, and you can share it afterwards.

The voice-maker application makes the fabricated voices of world celebrities sound real to create fake narratives. 

Furthermore, DUBAWA conducted a keyword search and found nothing relating to the claim by the X user in the news.


Our findings show that the video shared by the X user is an AI-generated video, so the claim is false.

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