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You saw video of this ‘ex-feminist’ crying, begging for husband? It’s satire

Claim: A TikTok video that has gone viral on WhatsApp in Nigeria shows a desperate feminist begging for a husband.

The video is a satire. It was uploaded by a Kenyan lady, Peace Loise Mbae, who produces content around satire, commentary and comedy on TikTok.

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Feminism is an ideology that seeks to protect women’s rights, especially from patriarchal men and institutions, as well as from cultures that subjugate their interests. Feminism is believed to have started in the West when women fought for the rights to vote and own property. It has now grown to become a global ideology with multiple variants and waves, depending on the contexts of its proponents.

Many think feminism prevents women from getting married or sustaining their marriages, especially in Africa, because the ideology is thought to discourage women from submitting to their husbands, who are regarded as the heads of the family in culture and religion.

The excitement is therefore understandable when Nigerians saw a video of an ex-feminist renouncing the ideology, pleading for marriage and promising to be submissive.

The TikTok video has been “forwarded many times” on WhatsApp. The 1 minute 45 seconds TikTok video shows a black woman crying over how feminism has led her to become very lonely without a man. She expresses regrets over her previous feminist ideology and begs for a husband, pleading that she would serve and obey him as a wife should.

Screenshot of the TikTok video as shared on WhatsApp

The video was also seen on Instablog9ja, a popular Instagram blog.


Dubawa searched TikTok and found the video on Peace Loise Mbae’s page. She has 28,400 followers and has generated over 281,000 likes. She identifies as female and ex-feminist and produces content around satire, commentary and comedy.

Dubawa searched for the video and saw that it was shared just days ago but it has been watched over 23,000 times, shared over 4,500 times and has attracted over 3,200 comments as at the time of this writing. But do people believe this satire?

Many people actually do, and there are several comments trying to give her hope and encourage her to be positive. 

Screenshot of one of her followers who believe the satire
Screenshot of another follower who believes in the satire

Interestingly, not all Peace’s followers believe in the satire. Some caught the joke and had a good laugh.

Screenshot of the comment of a follower who realised the video is a satire

Interestingly, some followers are so loyal they feel a need to protect her from those enjoying the comedy. They continue to admonish people to take the video seriously.

Screenshot of a loyal follower who refuses to agree it could be satire

At some point, Peace confirms to some followers that the video is indeed a satire, but will most people see this comment?

Screenshot of Peace’s confirmation that the video is a satire


The TikTok video uploaded by a Kenyan lady, Peace Loise Mbae and forwarded many times on WhatsApp in Nigeria is a satire. You can learn more about satires by reading this article

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