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Did Femi Adesina Compare Bombs To Beheading?

Facebook page attributed shocking insensitive statements to Femi Adesina.

Did Femi Adesina Compare Bombs To Beheading?

The inciting and insensitive remarks did not come from Femi Adesina. A television interview was rather misconstrued and distorted.

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Did Femi Adesina Compare Bombs To Beheading?

The inciting Facebook post by Hope for Nigeria has left many with mixed reactions. Till date, it has amassed over 524 reactions to it with 362 shares and 867 comments thus far.


Femi Adesina is a Nigerian journalist and government official; the special adviser to the President Muhammadu Buhari on media and publicity.

Ordinarily, in an environment, without prejudice, no public figure will utter this kind of statement knowing fully well how viral it will go. Hence, something this colourful would normally be discarded. However, we live in different times…

The Original Premise

The claim blew out of proportion content from Mr Adesina’s interview on Channels television, Sunday politics segment.

In the interview, Mr Femi said the state of security in this regime is not as bad as it used to be way back in 2015. He mentioned that “the difference between 2015 and now is the difference between Heaven and Hell”.

Mr Femi in his statement also said that everyone should be thankful and appreciative of the present situation as things security-wise are better.

In the over 50 minutes interview, Mr Femi did not mention the fact that beheading is the new norm of terrorists as Hope for Nigeria asserted. Similarly, he did not jest on the security matter but rather was defending the current government; citing its acclaimed achievements in reducing the various acts of terrorism in the country.

Did Femi Adesina Compare Bombs To Beheading?
Excerpt from Premium Times

Premium Times‘ publication gives further insight into the matter.

How credible is “Hope for Nigeria”?

This is not the first or tenth time we have flagged the Hope for Nigeria Facebook page for misinformation. Consequently, we advise you to take their credibility under advisement when reviewing (or believing) content published in the future.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I will surely stop sharing any online news that emanated from his page .

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