DUBAWA wins at 2023 Africa Fact-Check awards in Mauritius

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In a remarkable achievement, DUBAWA, led by Nigerian editor Kemi Busari, secured second place in the professional fact-checking category at the 2023 Africa Fact-Check Awards held in Mauritius from Oct. 5 to 6. The accolade comes as a recognition of Busari’s diligent fact-checking and investigative efforts.

The award-winning fact-check/investigation story was centred on exposing a Nigerian man posing as a ‘doctor.’ The fake medical practitioner promoted a dangerous concoction with unverified claims of its curative properties.

During the awards ceremony, Cayley Clifford, the Assistant Editor of Africa Check, emphasised the competitiveness of this year’s entries and commended all shortlisted participants for their commitment to upholding the culture of truth.

Kemi Busari, the winner in the professional fact-checking category, shared insights into the challenges faced during the investigative fact-check process, stating:

“The investigation itself spanned approximately five months, and when factoring in the research phase, it extended even further. We encountered financial hurdles in sourcing funds for the investigation. Additionally, it was a formidable task to find willing respondents to discuss the effects of the herbal product.”

Mr Busari further explained the depth of research required for the investigation, saying:

“I had to delve into numerous scientific articles, terminologies, and documents to comprehend and effectively communicate the laboratory findings to the public.”

Expressing his delight at receiving regional recognition, Mr Busari highlighted the significance of the award in promoting the pursuit of truth and accuracy.

Other winners at the awards ceremony included Claire Mom of TheCable from Nigeria, who secured second place in the professional Journalist category, and Senegalese journalist Papa Bocai Mbow, who clinched first place in the student category.

Noussa Ngom also claimed first place in the professional Journalist category, and Kenyan journalist James Okong’o emerged as the top winner in the professional fact-checking category.

These awards underscore the vital role of fact-checking organisations in ensuring the dissemination of accurate and trustworthy information across the African continent.

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