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Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

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Claim: Five images were used to depict the poor condition of Uga Boys Secondary School in Anambra State.

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

Verdict: Images were extracted from different sources to paint a false narrative.  

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The-Cyberprof Int’l, a Facebook blogger, shared five photographs depicting the poor condition of educational facilities at Uga Boys Secondary School in Anambra State. The Facebook post, which has garnered 129 likes, has also received contrasting reactions from other users.

For example, commentators like Olarewaju Oluwadamilare expressed their doubts as to the credibility of the post. “This can’t be from Anambra they always brag about,” he said.

Believing the narrative and questioning the government’s priority regarding education, another person, Ogbiko Omozuhiomwen, wrote: “Education should be a paramount issue to our leaders.”

Uga Boys Secondary School is notable for having produced elites, including the incumbent governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo and Peter Obi, the former presidential candidate of the Labour Party. The elite affiliation has further spurred political discussions among Facebook users.

Thus, DUBAWA conducted this fact check to set the records straight.


We grouped the images in the following order for easy clarification: 

Photo 1

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

The first image among the five pictured students writing tests in a classroom lacking plastered walls and flooring. While most were seated on benches, two students improvised with car tyres during the test.

Upon closer inspection of this image, we noticed a girl with plaited hair. This discovery raised concerns as Uga Boys Secondary School is exclusively for boys. The presence of a female student within its premises would be an anomaly.

We conducted a Google reverse image search to verify the image, leading us to the original version published by Premium Times and Dailypost newspapers on Dec. 6, 2012. The photograph was captured at Ajuwon High School in the Akute area of Ogun State during the students’ examination. The picture depicted the improper means of getting educated in “21st-century” Nigeria, and a man named Deji Kolawole was credited for the photo.

Over time, this image has been recurrently used by various media platforms as a featured image to illustrate diverse stories, as seen here and here.

Photos 2 & 3

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

Like photo 1, images 2 and 3 showed pupils in a classroom. Conversely, many pupils sat on the floor with their uniforms, while a few had chairs and desks to work in a dilapidated classroom. But it begs the question: How can the pupils in the picture, who should be between the ages of four and five, be in secondary school as purported? 

Again, DUBAWA conducted another Google Reverse Image Search and discovered that the images had been online since 2012. We found an article by Sahara Reporters titled “Photonews: The Worst Primary School is There in Ogun State.” It showed the pupils of Obafemi Owode Local Government Primary School in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The images were credited to a Nigerian social entrepreneur, Steve Aborisade.

To further confirm this publication, we visited Mr Aborisade’s Facebook page, where we found the original images. He had visited the school and taken multiple pictures, among which the two used by The-Cyberprof Int’l were taken.

Photo 4

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

The fourth image displayed the school’s signboard, erected by the alumni association known as the “Old Boys PH Branch.” Conversely, we came across a different photograph of the same signpost taken in 2020 by Tracka, an organisation specialising in monitoring government projects.

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition
A close comparison of the signboard images.

By closely comparing the two images, it became evident that they were captured at the exact location. Firstly, the metal frames of the signposts bore a striking resemblance. Additionally, the presence of wires carrying electricity over the old signpost was replicated in the new one. It led us to conclude that the signpost had undergone repainting, signifying that The-Cyberprof used an old signpost in his post.

Photo 5

Facebook images falsely depict poor Anambra school condition

The final photo was over-used to the extent that it had lost the distinctive properties of a typical image. This made it highly challenging for us to retrieve its original version.


Most of the images used to depict the poor state of Uga Boys Secondary School were extracted from different unrelated sources. The claim is false.

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