FALSE! Bill Gates Did Not Rebuke Nigerian Leaders

CLAIM: A post on Twitter claims that Bill Gates insulted the Nigerian president and said: “I have invested $1.6Billion in Nigeria economy with no result”



The legendary philanthropist, co-founder of the software company Microsoft, and founder of the personal charitable initiative, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is known for his philanthropic deeds which is focused on global health issues, especially on preventing malaria and AIDS in poor countries, Nigeria inclusive.

A post on Twitter claims that Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, insulted the Nigerian president and claimed to have invested so much money in Nigeria without returns. The post with this caption – Exclusive: Bill Gates publicly rebukes Nigeria’s Leaders – reads:

I have invested $1.6Billion in Nigeria economy with no result. When a clueless idiot is the president and a decorated fool is the Vice President and cabinet members are notorious robbers, the result is nothing but economic calamity and holocaust.

The post has gathered 99 Retweets, 220 Likes and 81 comments on Twitter.


First, we conducted a google reverse image search and it turns out that the picture had never surfaced online, except in the tweet. Next, we searched for interviews featuring Bill Gates and we were able to match where the picture must’ve emanated from – an interview with the CNN!

In the original video of the interview CNN conducted with Bill Gates on YouTube, Bill Gates is seen talking about his return from Nigeria and the need for Nigerian politicians to focus on human capital and its large youth population.

He stated that the Foundation is spending $1.6 billion on programs in Nigeria, most of it his money and that he feels it is time for Nigeria’s government to do better.

Nevertheless, he did not not call Nigeria’s president a clueless idiot and the Vice President a decorated fool. Bill Gates merely directed his words to the politicians in the country.


This post is a clear case of misleading content. Yes, Bill Gates bemoaned the state of Nigeria’s economy and health. However, he never made those extreme words!

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