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False; Dr. Ceesay and the Citizens Alliance party have not endorsed Adama Barrow

Claim: Dr. Ceesay and the Citizens Alliance party have endorsed Adama Barrow for this year’s presidential elections – social media posts. 

Both the leader, Ismaila Ceesay, and spokesperson, Menneh Gomez of the Citizen Alliance party have announced that the party maintains its non-endorsement posture. 

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As the leader for the Citizen Alliance party, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay is not contesting for the 2021 Gambia elections after being disqualified by the IEC, a number of claims have risen on social media concerning the endorsement of other presidential candidates by him and his party. 

For example, the NPP Gambia Forward group, a group in support of the National People’s Party leader, Adama Barrow, posted on Facebook that the Kanifing Municipality Citizen Alliance’s women’s wing announced on 2 December 2021 that they had endorsed President Adama Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP) for this year’s Presidential Elections. This is accompanied by a photo of women in Ceesay’s T-shirts standing next to NPP flagbearer Adama Barrow. 

Source: NPP Gambia Forward


The flag bearer Dr. Ismaila Ceesay on 3 December announced on Twitter that the Citizen Alliance party remains resolute in not endorsing any of the Presidential Candidates in this year’s elections.

“As Citizen Alliance Gambia maintains its non-endorsement/ alignment posture, we wish everyone a peaceful election. We send our best wishes to all the presidential candidates” the post read. 

Source: Ismaila Ceesay Twitter page

Furthermore, while the photo and the visit to Adama Barrow by some CA supporters has been confirmed to be real, the spokesperson of the Citizen Alliance party, Menneh Freda Gomez in a Facebook live session on the Citizen Alliance page, has clarified that the group of women, whom she knows personally as members of the CA party, went to extend their support to Barrow out of their personal volition and not on account of the party.

She explained that there were divergent views of party members who wanted to support other presidential candidates, which was welcome by the party, however she emphasised that the group of women who went on the trip to visit Adama Barrow was not endorsed by Citizen Alliance.

“We stand by what we said in the press release. We decided as a party to not endorse or go into a coalition or partnership to support any presidential candidate, and this was a result of the voice of the majority of the party” Gomez said. 


Even though some members of the Citizen Alliance party have visited Adama Barrow to express their support, it was a personal and not a party-endorsed trip. The leader of the CA, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, and the spokesperson of the CA, Menneh Freda Gomez have emphasised the non-endorsement posture of the party. 

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