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FALSE! Popular singer Justin Bieber not dead

Claim: A Facebook user posits that Justin Bieber is dead.

FALSE! Popular singer Justin Bieber not dead

Verdict: FALSE! The singer has a recent video on his Instagram and Twitter page. The claim of his death has also surfaced multiple times online. The car used to depict the singer is not his. 

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Popular Canadian singer Justin Bieber is a best-selling artist whose pop songs sparked a global craze in 2009.

Recently, a Facebook user, Enny Omolara, posted that Mr Bieber was involved in a ghastly motor accident leading to his death. 

In her post, she uploaded a picture of the singer and the alleged singer’s car. She also stated that Bieber died in Los Angeles last month. 

Mr Bieber has made headlines recently after he announced that he would take a break from his tour after being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

The sensitive nature of this post and the personality involved made us investigate the claim.


We conducted a keyword search to discover if news of his death his true, and we realised the rumour is a recurring theme. The hoax recently regained popularity after some Facebook Groups posted the news.

We also went through the Instagram account of the singer’s wife (@haileybieber) and found out that she had recent pictures shared on July 5, 2023, after he was rumoured to be dead. 

We also used Yandex for a keyword search and discovered that the car used to depict the accident was not for Mr Bieber. We also discovered that the image was from an accident in Florida on March 24, 2022, not June 2023, as asserted in the claim. 

FALSE! Popular singer Justin Bieber not dead

Finally, we realised that the link attached to the post was a phishing link that redirects to a betting site. We also observed that Ms Enny’s account is notorious for sharing several hoaxes on celebrities’ death. 


From our findings and our search of Hailey Bieber’s social media account, the claim is false. 

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