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Government has not replaced  trained doctors with “Unity Party Doctors” at JFK Hospital

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Government has not replaced  trained doctors with “Unity Party Doctors” at JFK Hospital

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Soon after leaving office as Assistant Minister, Alvin Wesseh started making claims against the sitting government headed by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. On Friday, May 24, 2024, Mr Wesseh appeared on OK FM, a private broadcaster in Monrovia, highlighting lapses of the new administration.

Among other things, he claimed to have credible information that points to the mass dismissal of doctors at the John F. Kennedy Hospital (JFK). The JFK stands out as the national referral hospital in Liberia. 

Wesseh, a staunch President Weah’s Coalition party member, mentioned that “well-trained doctors” were dismissed for Unity Party Doctors. 

“The situation is troubling,” he said on OK FM at about 2:15:20 second of the show, which lasted almost three hours.

Due to the severity of the allegation, DUBAWA decided to investigate the claim.


When Wesseh made the allegation during the interview, the host, Olive Stevenson, asked for evidence, but Wesseh did not provide any. 

Instead of providing the facts, he affirmed that he had concrete evidence of summary dismissal at JFK. He suggested that the interviewer take her microphone to the unnamed affected medical doctors.

Since May 24, 2024, Alvin Wesseh has not responded to DUBAWA’s inquiry about the allegation. In a WhatsApp conversation, the HR management at the JKR Hospital, headed by Mr Darlington Talo, described the claim as laughable and false.

The communication director at the Ministry of Health, Augustus Walker Jr, said that at the ministry level, they have no idea about doctors being replaced with UP doctors, as Wesseh claimed.

“So the information is misleading, but if Alvin has proof of his claim, he can show it to the public,” said Walker on behalf of the Ministry of Health. 


Leaders at the Ministry of Health and JFK Hospital have confirmed that there has been no replacement of professional doctors at the hospital. The claim is false.

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