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How true is this claim that Israel has invented inhaler that can cure COVID-19 within 5 days?

Claim: A certain news report claims Israel has invented an inhaler that can cure COVID-19  within just five (5) days. 

How true is this claim that Israel has invented inhaler that can cure COVID-19 within 5 days?
How true is this claim that Israel has invented inhaler that can cure COVID-19 within 5 days?

The report that Israel has invented an inhaler that cures COVID-19 in just five days is rather exaggerated and misleading. Facts gathered show the medicine is only in its first phase of trials and an immune booster that aids to  alleviate the condition of  COVID-19 patients. Hence, this claim is misleading. 

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When the novel COVID-19 virus slipped off the borders of China and made its way to almost all parts of the world spitting fire and taking lives alongside, one thing that became crucial was the demand for a cure. A vaccine that will remedy the ravaging virus and curtail its spread. 

Israel and Pfizer agreement

Subsequently, the breakthrough was attained, a vaccine was developed and plans on how to partition it into nations became the next discourse.  Pfizer, the American-based pharmaceutical company that has also developed a vaccine has been putting up efforts to produce vaccines that will meet up the surging demands. Courtesy of Pfizer’s early success in creating a vaccine, Israel, was reported last month in January to have sprinted ahead and struck a deal with Pfizer to secure doses in exchange for medical data. The agreement was officially attained and on February 11th, after the Pfizer COVID-19 was delivered the Times of Israel reported that an Israeli healthcare provider that has vaccinated half a million people with both doses of the Pfizer vaccine has attested that no one has died afterward. 

The claim

Nonetheless, not too long after this avalanche of events has unfolded, a certain news site (Worldtopnewsng.com) claimed that Israel has invented an inhaler that can cure COVID-19 in just 5 days. The claim and the information it purports reappeared again on a Facebook page and was further featured on another news site with the exact details. The alleged news report of the COVID-19 cure further noted that “In Israel, professor Nadri Aber has invented a miracle inhaler which can cure COVID-19 in just five days.

His inhaler has an efficacy of 96 percent, with 29 of the 30 patients who tried it at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre recovering rapidly from the virus and leaving the hospital between three and five days. Only one inhalation was enough to fight off the virus, even with more serious cases.

Nadir himself described it as an “unprecedented invention” after seeing the results.“It is an innovative device based on exosomes enriched in CD24 that can be inhaled directly into the lungs”. 

As more researchers are still searching to find out a more potent remedy for the Coronavirus, this information, if reliable, will create fresh hopes for curing the virus. However, if it’s untrue, it has the ability to mislead people and even lure people into perceiving inhalers as cures for COVID-19. It is in the light of such  reality that DUBAWA delves into unearthing the certainty of the claim. 


First off, DUBAWA confirmed the existence of the drug in question. Termed as EXO-CD24 inhaler treatment, the drug was developed by Prof Nadir Arber at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital), where it was tested on 30 patients with moderate-to-severe condition, all of whom recovered 29 within just 3-5 days. It is administered through inhalation, once a day, in a procedure that takes only a few minutes, for five days. The EXO-CD24 is not a COVID-19 cure itself but rather a treatment that will boost the immune system and help COVID-19 patients to regain consciousness.   This information was verified by   Dr. Shiran Shapira, Head of Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical center, and Dr. Arber’s director of the laboratory who has studied the CD24 protein for decades. She explained this in a video interview where she was being questioned as regards the EXO-CD24 inhaler treatment.

How true is this claim that Israel has invented inhaler that can cure COVID-19 within 5 days?
Dr. Shiran Shapira, explaining EXO-CD24 inhaler treatment while as an interview 

Dr. Shapira explained that the treatment “is based on an exosome that the body is releasing from the cell membrane and used for intercellular communication. So we enrich the exosome with the 24CD protein, which is known to play an important role in regulating the immune system. This helps to prevent the deterioration of the patient.” As regards the drug being a COVID-19 cure, she explained that “the drug moderates severe conditions and our intervention is in order to prevent the deterioration of the patient, the need for ventilation and even death. If someone is already under ventilators, it will be too late for treatment. So it is not a cure but a treatment to alleviate the patient’s condition.”  She added that, “our goal is not to target the virus itself but to treat the immune system.”

As regards the availability of the medicine, she explained that the medicine is only in its phase one trial but will subsequently be subjected to phase two and then three.

Furthermore, an examination of Dr. Shapira’s interview shows that the claimant’s news report lacks details and was scant in its presentation of the matter.    

DUBAWA has also reached out to Dr. Shiran Shapira for more details about the medicine and her response will be updated as soon as it’s received.  


EXO-CD24 inhaler is not an apex cure for COVID-19. However, it is a treatment that helps to boost the immune system of a  COVID-19 patient and alleviate the condition. Hence, the report that Israel has invented an inhaler that cures COVID-19 in days is rather exaggerated and misleading. 

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  1. I am very thankful for this detailed information and will not overwhelmed by such claims. Thank you so much .

  2. Amazing how many have died with each country’s “system wide” control over APPROVED treatment protocol. In U.S. it’s controlled, delayed, denied through government channels (FDA, NIH). Yet they manage to approve drugs with a poor success rate – with amazing speed. This should be about SAVING LIVES!
    To save lives, you only have to address the most common causes of death from covid (respiratory failure / viral pneumonia / cytokine storm). This all points to faulty immune response. TO SAVE LIVES – YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIND THE PERFECT, COMPLETELY SAFE, APPROVED, PHASE 3 STUDIED, CURE FOR THE VIRUS ITSELF. And you don’t have to be a doctor to realize that ventilators are for people that can no longer breath!
    Viral Pneumonia: NOT A NEW PHENOMENON! In fact, It’s been studied since the 1950’s!! Low dose radiation did the trick. Why haven’t they reached “Phase 3 testing”? FUNDING. They note “potential long-term adverse health effects from a single, low-dose radiation exposure”.
    Cytokine Storm: NOT A NEW PHENOMENON! Effective drugs were approved over 5 yrs ago to save lives by addressing this deadly condition. Brand name Anakinra (kineret), but because it was developed/approved for use in rheumatology, it would have to be “re-purposed” for use on covid cases… Some countries have finally approved this one. The fact is, in U.S., the NIH has not approved ANY treatment that has much promise.
    If exo cd 24 somehow modulates the immune response that leads to destruction of the lung tissue, then there should be an emergency use authorization (or whatever term) to fast track it’s use.
    Patients should be allowed to sign a
    “no-liability document”, and choose a treatment! Assigning patients a ventilator, and allowing them to deteriorate BECAUSE OF PROTOCOL / POLICY IS UNBELIEVABLE!

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