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Mostly True: Bong County suspect arrested for electoral fraud

Claim: The New Republic Newspaper reports that a man has been arrested over suspicion of electoral fraud. The suspect possessed ballot papers to educate first-time voters. The suspect also claimed the Bong County Senator sent him on the expedition.

Verdict: Mostly True


DUBAWA contacted Fasu Sheriff, the police chief in Bong who confirmed the arrest saying; “Yarkpawolo is currently in police custody preparing for court trial today.” 

He explained that the suspect was seen holding a sample ballot paper on election day. He was also caught educating voters on how to vote specifically for his candidate, Rep. Marvin Cole, a candidate contesting on the ruling party ticket. His actions according to the police sparked confusion and disturbances, leading to a police invitation. On whether the Bong County Senator sent the suspect, Mr Sheriff told DUBAWA the police cannot readily authenticate that claim.

“We couldn’t establish that it was Senator Moye who sent him,” he said.

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