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New Nollywood movie has nothing to do with war in Ukraine

Claim: A movie poster making the rounds on social media depicts a Nollywood-produced movie on the Russia-Ukraine war.

The movie poster making the rounds on social media that depicts a Nollywood-produced movie on the Russia-Ukraine war is false. Findings show the content  of the actual movies does not relate to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The title is, therefore, a misleading hooker used to bait users into viewing it. 

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The Russia-Ukraine tension has attracted different versions of narratives. While some have been confirmed to be true, a number of others have been proven  to be false by DUBAWA. 

Amid the stories arising from the conflict, the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood, has purportedly released a movie with the title–Russia Attacks Ukraine.

The claim, which has been a source of memes on TikTok and a shocker on Facebook, has generated mixed reactions from social media users. While some viewers expressed their surprise, others, considering the sensitivity of the situation, have displayed their disappointment, saying it is unethical of Nollywood. 

“This can’t be real ma people,” pon_maa2, a TikTok user, reacted.

“I am officially unsubscribing from Nollywood!!! Once you gain some respect for the humane society, I may come back…,” Kineday Momoh’s comment reads in part.

But could Nollywood actually have produced a movie to depict the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine?

The movie poster shared on Facebook and TikTok
Some reactions and comments by users on TikTok


With a keyword search of the alleged title on Google, DUBAWA discovered two lengthy versions of the movies on YouTube, and in their titles Russia and Ukraine were mentioned. Both videos were uploaded eight days ago.

The first one which already has 19k views was uploaded by NollywoodHeartTV with the title – “Russia Attacks Ukraine” while the second movie, uploaded by Nollywood Cinema, with the title – “HUNTED PRINCE Complete Part 1 & 2 – (New Movie) 2022 Latest Russian Tension,” has 16k views.

Google search result

DUBAWA viewed both movies but none of the storylines relate to the ongoing conflict  in Ukraine.

Infact, on the advert poster of the first movie, “Russia Attacks Ukraine,” the country’s name was misspelled as “Ukarine,” an apparent red flag that signifies the unreliability of the claim.

The Misspelled name

In the first movie, a young man named Osainoma stole the diamond of his gangster boss and escaped to an unknown place. The quest for his boss to repossess the treasure makes up the story.

However, in the second movie, the wives of King Ezeugo’s son have been dying as soon as they move into the palace. Not knowing the cause, he decided to remarry. But during the celebration, the new bride suddenly fainted, causing turmoil in the palace.

Apparently,  the movies have absolutely nothing to do with the war.  Their titles were simply click bait, a method used by online TV stations to lure users. 

Noticeably, some Nigerian movies have been uploading movies on YouTube, using trendy captions in order to attract high views,  and in this case,   the enormous discourse around the war in Ukraine. 

A scene from each  the two movies alleged to be related with Russia-Ukraine


Although Nollywood recently released two movies referenced to Russia-Ukraine, their contents do not relate to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The titles used are merely bait  to attract more views. As such, this claim is false.

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