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Questions around photogragh of a man acclaimed to be the ‘tallest man in Nigeria’

A Facebook page shared a picture of a certain man with the claim that he is the tallest man in Nigeria. 

Although there is no official record to back up the claim, the picture is genuine and the man in question is widely considered to be the tallest man in Nigeria. Hence, the claim is true.

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‘Wonders shall never end’ is a popular cliche’ uttered when something appears amusing, or even too unusual to be true. In this case, an even more overwhelming wonder was shared via a Facebook post as regards the picture of a certain man whom the post declared to be the tallest man in Nigeria.

The picture portrays a certain man who appears unusually tall, posing alongside other men who could only level up to his waist.   The post attracted over 776 reactions and over 144 shares, alongside multiple comments that revolve around speculations and skepticism. 

For example, one user, Alex Bush, contended that the photo is a “Photoshop”. Similarly, Arc Anakobe Ak, was surprised and wrote, “how is this possible? Photoshop maybe”. 

Conversely,  another user will concede, “I know him very well Agoro is from Maryland”.

Nonetheless, claims like this are capable of altering reality by making bold definite statements that if ignored or not adequately substantiated can spread false reality or distorted truth. 


An analysis of the photo Forensically was carried out to reveal its authenticity. The results showed that the picture is genuine, not altered, and was taken in real-time. 

After confirming its validity, a Google reverse image search was conducted on the photo. The result reveals multiple results from numerous news sites that acclaimed the tallest man in the picture to be the tallest in Nigeria. 

Also, there is a video interview conducted by TVC with the headline “The Tallest Man in Nigeria Would Have Been Taller But…” and on WazobiaTV, the same man in the picture, was captured sharing his experience as regards his height and on being the tallest man in Nigeria. 

The same man featured in TheNation, headlined as Nigeria’s tallest man: How my height have hindered me from finding love” so also on Legit Tallest man in Nigeria Afeez Agoro Oladimeji poses in same outfit with female friend”  and multiple other platforms. 

Further findings revealed the name of the man to be Afeez Agoro Oladimiji. He is a Nigerian model, actor, and reality TV Star who is widely recognized as the tallest man in Nigeria. 

This was confirmed by Anigbo Clement, the Director of Guild for the Nigerian Actors Guild  via a phone call, “Afeez is an actor, runs a show, and is considered to be the tallest man in Nigeria with around 7 feet tall and 4inch tall. People doubt his height but when they see him.. it’s a whole different reaction”, Clement said.

Efforts made to contact Afeez were not fruitful but multiple photos recovered from the Yandex image reverse search gave more reliable photos of him. 


Although there is no official record to back up his status, Afeez is widely considered the tallest man in Nigeria until there is any evidence about someone taller than 7.4 feet.  

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