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This picture of cows eating tomatoes is not from Nigeria

Claim: Facebook post inferred that Picture of cows eating tomatoes was taken in Nigeria.

False. According to results from Google Images, the picture was first shared in 2017; hence, it has nothing to do with the situation attributed to it in Nigeria.

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Over the past few days, there’s been a growing conversation around the blockade of food supplies from the North to the Southern part of Nigeria. This decision by the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN) is reportedly a protest of the alleged killing of its members in other states. 

In the middle of this social media conversation, on Thursday, 4th of March, a Facebook User, Iyalaje Omotosho, posted an image of a heap of tomatoes on the ground as a number of cows fed on them. This image with over 40 comments and 21 shares has been used to suggest a downside of the AUFCDN’s decision. While some, in the comment section, inferred that the wasting tomatoes are part of the foodstuffs held back by the AUFCDN,  others believed the picture was not taken in Nigeria.


To identify the origin of the image, Dubawa ran a quick check on the image through google reverse image technology. According to the reverse search, this image has been in circulation since 2017(July, September) and at the time was trending outside Nigeria as the caption attached to the image in each post was not written in any known Nigerian language. However, GoogleTranslate identified the language as Hindi.

In 2019, the same image was found on a website, accompanying a short write up on the plight of Sindh farmers. The image has also been used in January 2020, as seen here and here, under the hashtag ‘#StopImportTomatoAndOnion’ on Twitter. The hashtag harbours tweets from people of Sindhi protesting their government’s policy which encourages the importation of tomatoes and onions.


From the findings of this research, it is safe to say the Image has nothing to do with the current situation in Nigeria; it’s just another picture taken out of context. 

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