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True, Azman Kaduna-Abuja flight cost ₦100,000 after reopening

Claim: A viral screenshot shared on Facebook has a claim that Azman Kaduna-Abuja flight costs ₦100,000.

An official of Azman airline confirmed its Kaduna-Abuja flight went for ₦100,000 for the few days it has operated after reopening. However, the flight has been closed. 

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Azman Airline recently announced the reopening of its Kaduna-Abuja flight, two months after shutting down due to the attack by gunmen

A Facebook user, Abubakar Widi-jalo, on Monday, May 24,2022, shared the screenshot of an Azman flight ticket showing its Kaduna-Abuja flight costs ₦100,000.

Mr Widi-jalo shared this screenshot questioning why a flight from Kaduna will take over two hours. 

“Kaduna to Abuja 2hrs 50 minutes by air? Haba, this is obviously fake. Whoever came up with this must be very daft,” his post read. 

Screenshot of the Facebook post. 

This screenshot was sent to us for verification, so we sought to know if Azman’s Kaduna-Abuja flight costs that much or takes that long.


We visited Azman airline website to find a price list for its Kaduna-Abuja flight but found none; we then attempted booking a flight to see the amount that will pop up, but we found Lagos and Kano as the only option from Kaduna on Azman airline. 

Screenshot of Azman airline booking menu.

We subjected the screenshot to analysis using Forensically but saw no sign of manipulation. 

Screenshot of Forensically result. 

We then sent an enquiry message to the email address available on the airline’s website but it bounced back. 

We spoke to an official of the airline identified as Kabir Tukur who said this was true as the airline has again closed flights for that route.

“It is true that the cost was ₦100,000 for the one day or two days that it operated. It has been closed since then,” he said.

Speaking on the duration of the flight, Tukur added that ideally a Kaduna-Abuja flight should take at least 30 minutes but this takes more time because the plane has to fly Kaduna to Lagos then to Abuja.” 


The claim that Azman Airline’s Kaduna-Abuja flight costs ₦100,000 is true. An official of Azman airline confirmed this was the cost of the flight for the few days it operated after reopening. The flight has, however, been closed again. 

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