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True! Three NEC temporary staff arrested for changing election results

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Claim: “NEC Presiding Officer and Electoral Supervisor have been arrested and taken to court by LNP for attempting to change election results,” a popular Facebook user, Martin KN Kollie, has alleged.

True! Three NEC temporary staff arrested for changing election results

Verdict: True


The claim has received enormous interest, with over 500 comments and 390 shares. Having been at the centre of controversy, and with the serious implications of the claims made by Martin Kollie, DUBAWA decided to investigate this specific claim.

To ascertain the facts of the allegation, DUBAWA contacted the elections Magistrate of Grand Cape Mount County, Joseph Kiazolu. Mr Kiazolu told DUBAWA via telephone conversation from the county that, indeed, the three individuals were arrested and turned over to officers of the Liberian National Police (LNP) for their alleged tampering with election results in the county.  

Also, the National Elections Commission (NEC) chairperson, Madam Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, confirmed the claim during the NEC’s Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 17, 2023, while regular elections update to the public held at the NEC headquarters in Monrovia confirmed the claim.

Madam Browne-Lanasanah clarified at the 0:27 – 0:55 seconds of the over 1:29 hour/minutes press conference.

Madam Browne-Lansanah said, “At the Grand Cape Mount county tally centre in Robertspots, the elections magistrate reported that three presiding officers were found to have been involved in elections malpractices.”


Based on all of the accounts from the NEC authorities, the claim made by Martin K. N. Kollie of the main opposition Unity Party is true.

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