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Video of Halifa Sallah Accepting Results Dated

Photo Credit: Sahel Network < 1 min read
  • Claim: A viral video purportedly shows PDOIS candidate, Halifa Sallah, accepting the results so far declared by the IEC. 

“Counting was done on the spot and all sides knew the results before the IEC. So if there are technicalities, they are just technicalities but the fact is already known. We are confident that those facts are incontestable and it is incontrovertible as far as we are concerned that the president-elect, Barrow, won,”

Mr Sallah said in the video.


Verification: Dubawa found the video on YouTube through a Yandex search. We found one posted in 2017 by R Dee with the caption “Halifa Sallah on yaya jammeh’s speak”.

PDOIS has debunked the claim. The party said the video is from 2016 and is unrelated to this year’s election.

Furthermore, Jaha Dukureh, the co-chair of the Youth Interparty Committee of the PDOIS says the video is dated. 

“The video is from the 2016 presidential election. Halifa Sallah did not publish any statement or video pertaining to the current occurrence,” she said.

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