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We tracked TikTok man glorifying coups, calling for Russian alliance: Guess who and where he hails from?

A recent viral video on WhatsApp featured a captivating three-minute clip titled “We are coming with Coups,” featuring a man with an African accent passionately expressing controversial views. In the video, he fervently praised Russia for its supposedly better treatment of African leaders compared to the West. He glorified coup plotters in Africa and celebrated the recent coup in Niger Republic as “good news.” To him, Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Chad are now in good hands due to military takeovers.

The man criticised African leaders, referring to them as “Western Puppets,” and asserted that voting would not lead Africa anywhere, advocating instead for military coups. He passionately argued, “These Western puppets are not going anywhere with the so-called votes, only if we do the coups.” He called on African leaders to let go of their ties with the West and embrace Russia, questioning how they could be friends with both the West and Russia simultaneously. He urged African leaders to think for themselves and dare to say no to the West and the Americans.

The man continued to praise the coup in Niger and labelled the ousted Nigerien President Bozoum as a Western puppet. He passionately called on Africans to rise and support military coups, even threatening potential coups against specific African presidents like President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria and Nana-Akufo Addo of Ghana.

Throughout his flamboyant speech, the man made several claims, particularly asserting that:

“We have realised that these votes are only orchestrated, and the so-called democracy by the West is meant to keep their puppets in power in Africa and extract our resources, oppress our people with so-called Western laws and genetically modified food, and impose international laws on Africa.” 

He called on young Africans to support coups, questioning the actions of organisations like the African Union (AU), Southern African Development Community (SADC), and The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), wondering where they were when African leaders became puppets of the West and failed to liberate their people.

The video leaves many questions unanswered: Who is this man, and what is his agenda? His passionate and controversial statements have sparked curiosity and concern about his intentions and the impact of his advocacy.

Who is the man in the video, and what is his agenda

The video was first shared on TikTok on July 28, 2023, by a user known as Mutapabere, aka @shimmerbere (the man in the video). The clip forms part of a series addressing the recent coup in Niger while urging similar military upheavals across Africa. 

Mutapabere is no ordinary TikTok enthusiast; boasting a staggering one million followers and accumulating over 200k reactions on his videos, he wields significant influence on the platform. This particular video has already generated a storm, amassing over 600k views, 32k reactions, 4k reshares, and more than 5k comments. The resonance is profound, with many echoing Mutapabere’s call for more coups in Africa and advocating for forging ties with Russia.

A cross-section of the Mutapabere TikTok account. Encircled is the particular video making the rounds on WhatsApp.

As gleaned from his numerous videos, Mutapabere is a Zimbabwean Nationalist fervently passionate about Africanism. His TikTok account houses a treasure trove of over 2k videos, each receiving an average of 30k views and 7k reshares. The underlying themes of his clips become apparent: a fervent glorification of Russia and China alongside an earnest appeal for military rule across Africa. Heroes emerge in the form of African coup plotters, immortalised side by side with none other than the enigmatic Vladimir Putin himself. 

An extensive network of propaganda and disinformation 

The Mutapabere saga doesn’t end there. He takes his fervent advocacy a step further by actively sharing a plethora of pro-African coup videos and highlighting the burgeoning Russia-China relationship in Africa on a separate TikTok account named “@_frankenstein_tv” that carries mostly carries French versions of his message.  

When we inspected this account’s back end (source code),  Mutapabere’s name was riddled everywhere. He was found to be behind the content of the videos of this separate account. 

The screenshot above is the backend inspection of the ‘I_frankeinstein_tv’ account on TikTok. Underlined red is the name “Mutapabere” as the source of the contents in the account. 
Still above, his name was riddled everywhere on the ‘I_frankeinstein_tv’s backend code. Although it is not visible on the frontend of the account, it is obvious that he is also the one behind the account.  

This account boasts a massive following, extensive viewership, and an array of comments and reactions, mainly emanating from the African continent. The content here aligns perfectly with Mutapabere’s ideologies. Most of his videos are taken out of context and contain wild theories. In one video, the coup in Niger, Burkina Faso, and the struggle in Mali are upheld, urging other African nations to follow suit.

A screenshot of the other account also with same message and massive following.

Mutapabere’s interconnected web doesn’t stop there. He maintains close ties with another TikTok account (@Filkanazoe5), one that glorifies the Russia-China coup in Africa, portraying the charismatic Vladimir Putin and military coup plotters in Burkina Faso through short but impactful propaganda videos. It becomes evident that these accounts find resonance across multiple social media platforms, disseminating the same captivating content. One such account, for instance, directs users to its Facebook page.

Mutapabere-related account with the same agenda.

West Africans must be hanged! Mutapabere’s plea for youth uprising against democracy

The enigmatic trailblazer, Mutapabere, has firmly established himself as an influential figure on TikTok, adeptly intertwining Africanism, the Russia-China partnership, and the allure of military coups. Presently, he directs his focus toward West Africa through his recent series titled, “how they form puppets through democracy,” “Tinubu, Akufo Addo, Adama Barrow must be hanged,” and “shame on you Nigerian leaders”.  With a resounding message of reproach, Mutapabere denounces these Nigerian leaders, casting them as Western marionettes. His conviction echoes as he thanks the Nigerian Senate for resisting President Tinubu’s inclination to employ military intervention in the Niger Republic.

Mutapabere boldly targets additional West African leaders, singling out President Tinubu of Nigeria, Adama Barrow of Gambia, and Akufo-Addo of Ghana, urging the youths to hang them. He unflinchingly questions the past actions of Nigerian leaders and rallies Nigerians to rise and challenge the governing status quo.

A rising support for Mutapabere

The impassioned speech has garnered a sense of consensus among his followers; a substantial portion of commentators rally behind his call. Tendhi Sinfurl, a user, proclaims an impending end to Tinubu’s influence, stating, “The reckoning approaches, Tinubu has sealed his fate. Our beloved Nigeria shall not be sold.” Mckevin Ezekiel Omoj lends his support, declaring, “The Nigerian youth stand united in your cause. Western democracy only seeks to control our resources.” Austin, another user, openly admires Mutapabere’s content, exclaiming, “As a proud Nigerian, I’ve watched most of your videos and wholeheartedly endorse your mission. Together, let’s reclaim Africa.” Many others echo these sentiments, reinforcing Mutapabere’s call to action for African youth.

Possessing an arresting presence and a compelling narrative, Mutapabere’s impact on the digital realm is undeniable. He has etched his influence on hearts and minds, igniting passionate conversations regarding Africa’s future. As the ripples of his advocacy continue to expand, only time will unveil the profound extent of his influence across the African continent and beyond.

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