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What part of the Niger Delta are these school children from?

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A number of related images copiously circulated on WhatsApp portray some pupils wading through a river path, in an undisclosed location in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region, presumably going to school.

Dubawa’s findings have shown that the viral images were taken in Ghana and not Niger Delta as claimed by their captions.

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A series of viral images show some children in their school uniforms as they walk through a river path. It came with a caption which suggests that the picture was taken in one of Nigeria’s Niger Delta State and that the situation portrayed in the photo was evidence of the ] lousy leadership in the state. 

Overtime, Dubawa has received images for fact checks and most times, the pictures and the stories they tell are usually inaccurate. We have also found out that pictures are increasingly being stylized to tell different stories each time they appear. 


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In verifying this claim, Dubawa conducted a reverse image search which produced several results. One of these results is a Facebook Post, made in February 2018 by PVF- Plan Volta Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization with a followership of 683. The page captioned this picture along with two other pictures as “School children on their way to school at Dadevikope near Tsito in the Volta Region..”

After searching the location on GOOGLE, Dubawa found a 2017 publication from with the headline, Photos: Ghanaian school children who cross river to access education. The report which also has all the three pictures was written to draw the attention of relevant authorities to the state of the community. Also, it supports the claims that the pictures were taken in Dadevikope near Tsito in the Volta Region as reported by the source above.

In addition to this, Dubawa also found similar reports on GhanaWeb and OMGVoice both published on July 8, 2017. The later OMGVoice currently has 8.8K likes, 1.2 Comments and 36k shares.

To further ascertain if the location was in Ghana as claimed by the reports, we reached out to our Ghana office [], and a fact-checker confirmed that the areas above are in Ghana as she is from the Volta Region.


Dubawa’s findings have shown that the viral image was taken in Ghana and not in the Niger Delta, Nigeria as claimed by its caption. 

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