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Another fake picture shows Nnamdi Kanu with a different woman

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Claim: A viral image, making the rounds on social media, depicts Nnamdi Kanu alongside a woman in a compromised position. 

The Claim

The alleged  viral picture of Nnamdi alongside a certain woman was doctored. The face of the man in the picture was distorted and changed to that of Nnamdi Kanu. Hence this picture is fake. 

Full text 

Three days after DUBAWA debunked several claims on how the federal government arrested the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu (read more here); a new, similar claim is now making the rounds.  The debunked post was the one shared by Sojworldnews where some pictures and video of Nnamdi Kanu posing affectionately with a lady was alleged to have been sent by the federal government as bait to arrest Nnamdi Kanu.

The picture attached to the former claim that was debunked by DUBAWA

DUBAWA later confirmed the claim to be false  and the  lady in the  post  turned out to be Nnamdi’s wife. However, the new claim is another scandalous picture of Nnamdi Kanu. The picture depicts a shirtless man sitting on the edge of a bed, alongside a woman who was also sitting on the same bed while holding on tight to him. 

The man bears the face of Nnamdi Kanu and the woman was not from an earlier debunked claim. Though the picture had no narrative attached to it, the impression it aimed to paint appears clear. A user on a WhatsApp group where the picture was shared commented that: “If  Nnamdi Kanu, a man so respected by his people can succumb to women, then all hope is lost for good men” the user agonized in total believability. 

The new acclaimed photo of Nnamdi Kanu alongside an unknown woman making rounds. 


When DUBAWA carried out a Google reverse image search on the acclaimed picture of Nnamdi Kanu alongside a lady, the results show that the picture was doctored from an original version. The man in question was not Nnamdi Kanu but was  altered  to bear Kanu’s face.

The original picture that was doctored to place Nnamdi Kanu’s face

Even more revealing was the fact that the  original picture was taken from a news story on Naijaloaded, where a man was caught in bed with a 4 month’s pregnant, married woman. The story emerged  in March 2021 and was massively reported on different news outlets mostly with the headline Husband catches pregnant wife having sex with another man.”

Other sets  of the picture show the actual face of the man and the woman, who  was not Nnamdi Kanu nor the woman  his wife. 

Other sets of the picture showing the actual face of the man and woman in question


The alleged  viral picture of Nnamdi alongside a certain woman, making the rounds  on social media, was doctored. The face of the man in the picture was altered to be that of Kanu’s. This image is fake and whatever narrative it tends to spread is false. 

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