Are Candidates To Re-write This Year’s JAMB Exam? #NO

CLAIM: JAMB result has been cancelled due to critical research; all candidates are to return to their CBT centres to re-write their exams on the 11th of this month



The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, better known by its acronym, JAMB, is in the news. The Board is empowered by law to conduct matriculation examination for entry to all universities, polytechnics and colleges of education and place suitably qualified candidates in tertiary institutions.

It conducted this year’s Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) between April 11 and 18.

However, unlike in the past, when the results of candidates were released within 48 and 72 hours, three weeks after the conclusion of this year’s exam, the results are yet to be released.

Understandably, the candidates, their parents and tertiary institutions are worried.

A WhatsApp post in circulation compounded their apprehension. It reads: ‘‘This is to inform all 2019 candidates that their JAMB result has crashed due to critical research; all candidates are to return back to their CBT centres (where they wrote their Jamb) from 11th of May as it was written in April. We are highly sorry for the inconvenience.” The post was purportedly signed by the Registrar.

DUBAWA contacted the Public Relations Officer of JAMB, Dr. Fabian Benjamin. He told DUBAWA that contrary to the post, the results have not crashed and there is nothing like re-writing any exams.

Although he said that “the results are not being delayed,” rather, it is going through the due process the Body put in place to curb exam malpractice; nonetheless, the time it has taken to release the result can be referred to as a “delay”.

In his words: ‘‘All the centres are being examined state by state, centre by centre as captured by the CCTV; so any centre or candidate found guilty of malpractice during the process, will be penalized and punished accordingly. So when the review is completed for all the states, the results will be released at once.”   

The JAMB Registrar had said in an interview on ARISE TV that the result might not be released immediately this year because the Body needed to ensure the integrity of the examination by viewing the CCTV installed at all the JAMB exam centres where the examination took place. Its officials and credible individuals would watch the footages.  They will go through all the examination process, review them before the results are eventually released, he stressed.

‘‘Nothing has happened to the result, rather we want to enhance the credibility of the result of each candidate. There is no delay we are working within our timetable and as soon as we are done the results will be out,” concluded the JAMB spokesman.

So, how does the Board reassure the apprehensive candidates?

He said JAMB has a very active website, and because the Board has a good relationship with the candidates, it would call them on phone and if it has any information for the candidates, it would do so by sending messages directly to their inbox or their profiles which the candidates have on the website.



False! JAMB result has not been cancelled. Candidates are not re-writing this year’s exam.

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  1. But sincerely speaking.
    Candidates are to resit for this exam.
    Or better still 100 mark or 50 marks should be added only For candidates that scored below 170..
    Because Alot of candidates are not Happy even with Their parents Respectively.

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