Claimant apologises, withdraws claim after DUBAWA’s fact-check

Following DUBAWA’s fact-check on the actual cost of Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) Lagos-Abidjan highway, the claimant, Mr Segun Odunayo has tendered a public apology on his Twitter timeline, deleted the claim he made earlier and lauded DUBAWA’s excellence in fact-checking. 

Mr Segun, who tweeted the claim on February 23rd, claimed that the cost of the ECOWAS  1,000 km Lagos-Abidjan highway is N167 billion. The tweet which became a point for controversy was forwarded to DUBAWA for fact-checking.  

When DUBAWA conducted a verification and reached a verdict, findings show that the cost for the ECOWAS 1,000 km Lagos-Abidjan highway was not N167 billion, but $2 billion (N831 billion.). Acknowledging the error, Mr Segun was also quick to tender an apology and soon after, deleted the tweeted claim. 

“Thank you for the good fact-checking job the team does every now and again. I got my information written by an expert. I stand with my post 1km road cost 400m and above in certain states, but I apologized for the Lagos-Abidjan 167B error. Thank you.” Mr Segun tweeted. 

A screenshot of Mr Segun’s apology tweet

Mr Segun’s ability to apologise was also lauded by some users and DUBAWA staff, who felt that his character towards taking responsibility is worth imbibing. 

Kemi Busari, the editor of DUBAWA also commended Mr Segun, stressing that such character to admit one’s mistake is an essential quality of a good journalist. 

Silas Jonathan, the author of the fact-check added that Mr Segun’s ability to apologise proved the strength of his character that is worthy of imbibing. 

“Your humility and the strength of character, to admit a mistake is what those who respect truth and fairness should aspire to imbibe. Godspeed.” Silas wrote.

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