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Contrary to Concord Times’ allegation, ECSL staff followed voting procedures

Claim: A news portal Concord Times alleges that ECSL staff allowed people to vote without accreditation. 

FINDING: While the claim did not categorically impugn wrongdoing on the part of the ECSL staff, there is a subtle suggestion that allowing people without Voter IDs or accreditation to voting was illegal. DUBAWA, therefore, sought to discover the conditions under which voters can vote even without accreditations or Voter IDs.

Several education campaigns of ECSL pointed to the fact that individuals without tangible voter ID cards would be allowed to vote if said person’s name given can be located in the ECSL voter logs. Additionally, the person has to answer two security questions: “What are your mother and father’s full names?” If such security questions are answered correctly, and the face of the said individual matches the one on the ECSL’s logs, then that person would be allowed to vote without any tangible voter ID. A call to ECSL’s Director of Media and Communication, George Jones, confirmed that the above procedure was followed by ECSL officials in New England, and many other centres operated as such. 

VERDICT: Misleading!

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