Coronavirus is NOT a Function of Corruption!

Ibrahim Magu attributed corruption as the reason for Coronavirus.

Coronavirus recently named Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation is a disease. Further, health authorities surmise it emanated from the wet markets in China; being a zoonotic disease. And while the jury’s out on the full clinical picture for Covid-19’s, no evidence suggests it to be a function of moral misconduct or the activities of corrupt individuals.

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Yesterday, Ibrahim Magu, the serving chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC) said he firmly believes that corruption caused Coronavirus.

Excerpt from NTA; 50:48 minute

The serving EFCC chairman made this statement while giving his speech at the 281 passing out parade of the EFCC Detective Inspector Course-5, at the Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.

“Corruption is the biggest strategy to humankind. Your excellency, corruption is worse than all the diseases now running about… And I strongly believe, Your Excellency, that even the coronavirus is caused by corruption”

Mr Ibrahim Magi

COVID-19 Vs Corruption

Coronavirus, which was renamed Covid-19 by the World Health Organisation is a common virus that infects humans, leading to an upper respiratory tract infection. The World Health Organisation defines it as a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to a severe disease named Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-COV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS-CoV).

These viruses are zoonotic, that is to say, transmission occurs between animals and humans.

Covid-19 first broke out in Wuhan Hubei province of China in December 2019. The disease so far has infected over 1700 medical workers in China and 73,000 affected persons in about 25 countries. 

Conversely, corruption is the dishonest behaviour of people; with the most impact when said people hold positions of power. It is, therefore, human behaviour and a function of choice and chance. It is also not restricted to any location, ethnicity or race. 

Coronavirus which broke out in Wuhan Hubei, while not restricted to location, is not a function of corruption. Health authorities surmise it emanated from the Chinese wet marketsHence, to suggest that the viral outbreak was a function of moral misconduct is a stretch. 

We surmise the acting EFCC chairman’s statement to be mere sentiment and not fact!

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  1. Conversely, I can say, #Magu is a corrupt public figure, according to how you, Dubawa put it, “corruption is the dishonest behavior of people” and you assert that, it’s a “choice and chance” he chose to and have chance to lie.

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