Fact-checking & the Media

The media holds so much power, one of which is the fact that it’s an indispensable tool for communication. This is especially true in the 21st century where technology controls virtually everything we do.  This tool now plays a major role in influencing society, either to do things right or the other way round.

Bolstering relationships, facilitating trade through advertisement, as well as educating the masses, are some of the positive influences the media holds. Indeed, these truths cannot be overemphasized. Conversely, contemporary media could promote negativity and unacceptable behaviour in humans.

Furthermore, the downside is evident in inciting headlines that convey fear and panic; not to talk of fabricated content which triggers emotional responses from the average reader. Some people who believe these headlines are capable of bringing more audience/reader traffic to their websites place little or no attention on accuracy. These oftentimes are the aim of fake news purveyors.

Why does this obtain?

The average media-savvy person tends to believe hook, line and sinker whatever the media says. Sadly, in the process, they forget or neglect previously acquired acceptable values and norms of the society; inadvertently rebelling against life in a particular way.

Fact-checking and the media

In truth, it has become extremely difficult to separate facts from the fiction; we can thank 21st-century user-generated content for that (partly). Consequently, Fact-checkers in this regard, strive to provide timely, accountable and verified information to curb the widespread of hazardous misinformation as it comes.

While it may seem unrealistic, fact-checking does influence political operatives and journalists alike.

The goal of fact-checking is to influence the public and ensure the veracity of every piece of information. In essence, fact-checkers are critical thinkers who make this happen. Also, nonpartisanship and transparency are essential aspects of fact-checking.

As the world celebrates Fact-Checking Day, let us not forget to investigate that piece you received to verify the facts before sharing.

Let’s say no to misinformation, disinformation and any anti-factual activity.

Happy international Fact-Checking Day!

Fact over Fiction Every Time.

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