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FALSE! Annie Idibia does not have cancer

Claim: A Facebook user claims Tuface prays for his wife as she battles cancer.

FALSE! Annie Idibia does not have cancer

Verdict: FALSE! The image used in this claim is a recirculated photo from a 2015 cancer awareness shoot.

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According to The World Health Organisation, Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths. 

A Facebook User LoveDoctor Daniels, posted on his page that Annie Idibia, wife of Innocent Idibia, popularly known as TuFace, is battling cancer. In the post, Mr Daniels claims that TuFace is calling on Nigerians to pray for his wife as she is battling cancer. Mr Daniels also claims that Annie Idibia has not felt well for a long time. The post also contained a link with the narration, “cancer.facebook.com”.

The post featuring a frail picture of Annie has garnered 580,000 likes, 16,000 comments and 41 shares. 

FALSE! Annie Idibia does not have cancer
Some of the different reactions to the post.

The virality of the post, the sympathy attracted, the sensitivity of the claim and the personalities involved made us at DUBAWA investigate it. 


To verify the picture used, we ran a deep analysis using Google Lens and found out that it was a photo from a Breast cancer-inspired shoot in 2015 tagged “against all odds.” The shoot was done to create awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-examination. 

FALSE! Annie Idibia does not have cancer
A screenshot of an Instagram post by Ms Idibia clearly describes it as a cancer awareness photo shoot in 2015. Photo source: Instagram.

We also clicked on the link attached to the picture, which redirected us to a betting site. We discovered that its essence was to drive traffic to the betting site. 

FALSE! Annie Idibia does not have cancer
A screenshot of the link and the betting site.

There is also no post by Tuface about the alleged illness of his wife. Ms Idibia further debunked the rumour in 2020. 


The post claiming Annie Idibia has cancer is false. There is no statement from Tuface soliciting prayers for his wife. The image used to make the claim was from a 2015 photo shoot.

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