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False! EU has not issued Liberia election results

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Claim: “EU has just sent us 90% of the results”this assertion was found on the official Facebook page of the Truth Breakfast Show (TBS)

False! EU has not issued Liberia election results
False! EU has not issued Liberia election results

Verdict: False


A viral post on social media (Facebook) claimed that the European Union (EU) has 90% of the results from the just-ended polls conducted on Oct. 10, 2023. This post was widely circulated by individuals believed to be from the main opposition Unity Party. 

To verify this claim, DUBAWA contacted The Truth Breakfast Show to ask for the source and evidence of the claim but the co-host of the TBS, Marka Davies, said the TBS has no idea about the said post. He explained that the page is open to anyone to post on it.

The researchers then visited the official website of the European Union in Liberia but did not find the viral picture with results on it. 

DUBAWA contacted a member of EU’s media team in Liberia, Jackson Prince Foyofayiah, who told the researchers that the EU Ambassador has already responded to the claim through Front Page Africa newspaper. 

According to a news report by Front Page Africa (FPA), the EU ambassador to Liberia, Madam Nona Deprez, described the post as fake and that the EU cannot issue anything of such nature.


Based on all the research carried out, DUBAWA can state that the claim that EU has sent 90% of Liberia’s just ended polls in favour of main opposition Unity Party is false

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