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Yes, Ondo Council Chairman Bought 4 Tyres; BUT Did Not Commission It!

Claim: Media publication says Ondo state local government Chairman commissioned 4 tyres of a refurbished hummer bus. 

MISLEADING: The Chairman did indeed buy tyres for a vehicle they were refurbishing which was posted on his Facebook page. However, the tyres were never commissioned or inaugurated.

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On Monday, 9th September, a media report said the Chairman of Okitipupa local government council, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya commissioned four tyres. The tyres were said to be used to refurbish a Toyota Hummer Bus. 

“The Chairman of Okitipupa LG, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya has purchased (4) brand new tyre of maxxix (sic) brand for the refurbished Toyota Hummer bus that has been abandoned for 7 years. Omo’ba is working, Okitipupa LG is moving.”

The Cable quoting the Chairman’s Facebook page

The influential nature of Abayomi Adesanya is undeniable; he was the pioneer spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ondo state. This is perhaps one of the reasons the statement is facing heavy criticism in the media. 

When the news surfaced, the consensus from the majority of public response questioned the relevance of the post, as this would not ordinarily be considered as noteworthy. The people were of the opinion that buying tyres was not an achievement that should be publicized. 

It is standard practise for politicians in Nigeria to publicise their achievements, even when it is mediocre. Did you know that ‘VIP’ or ‘ultramodern toilets’ have been commissioned by politicians in the past and even added to the national budget? However, Nigerians are becoming more vocal on the ludicrousness of such projects.


The Nation did in fact confirm that the quote above originated from a Facebook page with the name “Omo’ba Adesanya Okitipupa LG”.

The Chairman, Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya when contacted on phone described it as publicity gone awry; adding, he bought the tyres as part of his activities in the council. He said that he never commissioned any tyres but admitted that he brought the tyres for a vehicle they were refurbishing

Interestingly, turns out the facebook page is managed by Abayomi Adesanya’s media aide. And according to Omo’ba, the aide in question posted the pictures on Facebook without briefing him; apparently he did so just to keep the people abreast of what he was doing.

Regardless, we checked the post and it did not state anything about him commissioning or inaugurating tyres; nor were there any images to corroborate this claim. It only states that the Chairman purchased tyres.


This post is misleading because although the event happened (purchase of tyres and a post on Facebook celebrating it), the primary claim (commissioning of tyres) is not entirely true. The Chairman did indeed buy tyres for a vehicle they were refurbishing which was posted on his Facebook page; however, the tyres were never commissioned or inaugurated.

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