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Five Articles To Help You Do Your Own Fact-Checking!

A weekly newsletter that takes a closer look at the significance of truth and falsehood in today’s news stories.

  1. Questions To Ask When Consuming Information Online

While social media is a convenient way to gain access to news and stay connected to friends and family, it is not that easy to differentiate real news from fake news on social media. This article provides you with questions to ask when surfing the internet.

  1.  Beyond The Headlines: Read The Entire Article!

With the rise in content competing for readers’ attention, content creators have adopted the use of sensational, attention-grabbing headlines in order to get readers to open their content. How do you prepare to not fall for this tactic? Find out here.

  1. How Metadata Can Help You Authenticate Doubtful Images

Fake news promoters routinely take photos out of context and sometimes digitally alter them. They also combine them with texts to manipulate readers. In this light, here is an article that explains how metadata can help in fact-checking viral images.

  1. How To Verify Viral Videos

Verifying videos on social media may seem difficult. But with the right approach, it is entirely possible. Here are some tips to help you get the job done.

  1. How To Verify Location

This article teaches how to use Google Earth to virtually explore coordinates and examine features, such as weather, landmarks, etc.


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