Free Netflix Account for All? No, For the First 30 Days Perhaps

Viral WhatsApp message claims Netflix is ​giving free passes to their platform during this period of isolation.

It is customary for a streaming service such as Netflix to give a free trial of 30 days, after which the subscriber is billed. The streaming giant, however, is not hosting any such bonanza. More so, the service is planning to actually reduce video quality owing to the internet spike in a bid to prevent downtime. It hence would be counterproductive to open the service to a host of more users. Also, the site in question was flagged by a security module as a “deceptive site”.

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A chain message from WhatsApp asserts Netflix is blessing users with free access to their service. Dubawa received this broadcast message yesterday. Attached to the message was this link which leads to the “free” pass site.


Firstly, Dubawa contacted a few Netflix users, asking for their experience. One of the users says she has did not receive any free access on her account; a handful of folks we contacted also shared the same sentiment

Next, we sort after the first-hand experience. The author of this piece, who as it turns out is new to the site, registered. Low and behold, there was no such menu that popped up to say or suggest the free access package insinuated by the chain message.  


Furthermore, to cover all our bases, we visited the site in question; but, Google Chrome was not having it. The inbuilt safety module on a modern browser instantly flags the site as a fake. Other than that, if you ignore this message you access this unique “WhatsApp enabled Netflix”. The user interface asks you a series of COVID-19 and social distancing related questions; after which it accesses your eligibility. The final stage is the giveaway… it redirects you to send the message to ten other WhatsApp contacts; thereby increasing traction to their site, clever right? WRONG!

Free Trials

Excerpt from Netflix

Notwithstanding, it is not strange to hear of somewhat free online services; these however come in the form of trial periods, after which said subscriber would be charged a certain fee. The streaming giant is also known for this; which is why this claim seems somewhat believable. It is, however, FALSE.


Meanwhile, 6 days ago, CNN Business reportedly stated how Netflix plans to reduce streaming quality in Europe for the next month. The streaming giant’s rationale aims at preventing internet downtime or infrastructure collapse consequent on the unprecedented surge from users staying at home and streaming.  pandemic. According to CNN Business, a Netflix spokesperson said the reduction may mean some users “see a reduction in perceptible video quality,” while others won’t see any change.

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