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COVID-19 Still Without A Definitive Cure, Amid Clinical Trials

A Facebook post asserts the US developed a COVID-19 vaccine she plans to release this Sunday.

Currently, there are still no definitive and institutionalised vaccines for COVID-19; nonetheless, research persists and holds potential solutions.

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Facebook post, making the rounds on WhatsApp claims that the United States of America has developed a vaccine for COVID-19. The message further asserts that this novel vaccine can cure the virus in just three hours! The viral report also claimed that President Donald Trump said that Roche Medical Company, life-science company, will launch the vaccine this Sunday.


Firstly, CDD checks revealed in reviewing the authenticity of the claim found that the alleged Covid-19 IgM/IgG is a testing kit for COVID-19 and not a vaccine. Fact-checkers also discovered that Sungentech, a South Korean firm, developed the equipment; it thus, had nothing to do with Roche Medical Company.

Besides, a review of the Sugentech official website shows it has Covid-19 IgM/IgG listed as parts of its products. 

Courtesy: Sungentech
Courtesy: Sungentech
Excerpt from Sungentech

Race to Vaccine Mountain

Different reports suggest the ongoing research efforts for a COVID-19 vaccine or cure by several institutions and countries. However, there is still no official vaccination available yet. Indeed, the Guardian reports about 35 companies and academic institutions in this race; noting that four of these began testing on animals.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization notes she has to rigorously test via multiple trials any solutions proffered; to ensure its safety and efficacy.

Further, Roche reportedly launched a global phase 3 trial to test its arthritis med Actemra for severe COVID-19 pneumonia. Also, there are reports of this medication’s shipment to the United States.


It is evident the US neither approved not plan to release a COVID-19 vaccine this Sunday. While Actemra, the arthritis medication has shown good signs and bagged an FDA approval for trials against COVID-19 patients, it is no definite cure. 

Fact Checkers at the CDD advises everyone to be conscious of false claims associated with coronavirus. Instead, keep your ears peeled for corroborated information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

This fact-check is an edited version with the original here

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