Is There A New Policy Called ‘JAMB Matriculation List’ For Youth Corpers? #NO

A viral post on social media (WhatsApp) and some blogs –, – claim that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has introduced a new policy called “Jamb Matriculation List”.

According to the post, the Jamb Matriculation List policy was introduced so that recent graduates can clarify whether they are eligible for enrollment in the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) mobilization activity. The post further emphasizes the need for all Prospective Youth Corp Members (PYCM) to convene at the Jamb office in their respective States and pay the sum of two thousand naira (N2000) in order to have their JAMB results confirmed and therefore, proceed for NYSC.

The post reads:
All the PYCM should go to the jamb office on Tuesday very early in the morning with their registration number. The problems that arose on the issue of uploading of names was as a result of disagreement between NYSC and JAMB. This is not the fault of the school mgt. It affects many institutions in Nigeria. The NYSC refuse to carry Jamb along on the issue of mobilization as usual. The only solution is for the PYCM to go to the Jamb office by paying 2k. The money which NYSC is supposed to give JAMB initially to avoid this problem is what JAMB is collecting now. Meanwhile here is a link to check matriculation list:”

Even though the post includes a link which resembles the official website of JAMB, the management of JAMB have refuted the claim and denied releasing such information.


  1. JAMB has introduced a new policy called Jamb Matriculation List
  2. Prospective Youth Corp Members are to pay the sum of two thousand Naira to JAMB


To verify claim 1, DUBAWA contacted JAMB’s Head of Media, Dr. Fabian Benjamin. Dr. Fabian Benjamin made it clear that the policy is NOT true, rather it is a misrepresentation which may be an attempt to deceive candidates and cause a frenzy. In his words:

“What we have on our official website is matriculation list and not JAMB matriculation list. JAMB is not a school, so we cannot have matriculants. We only have the data sent to us by tertiary institutions which we call matriculation list. So if there is any student who sat for JAMB, got admitted into any tertiary institution and matriculated and did not see his or her name in the matriculation list, he or she should go to his or her school and rectify the issue. No need to come to our office. For you to have matriculated in the university shows that you must have sat for JAMB and gotten admission through JAMB and since NYSC works with our data, once NYSC checks that your name is not on the matriculated list on our site, then it will be assumed that you were not a student”.

“These are processes that would have been done from day 1 when you were admitted. The institution would have submitted your recommended name for admission. We would have captured it on the list in our website” he explained. As such, there is no need for you to reconfirm your name upon graduation at any site.

Moreover, at the elaborate 2018 JAMB policy meeting on admissions which was held on the 26th of June 2018, there was no mention of a new policy that required graduates to check any list before NYSC. Presentations at the Meeting can be assessed via


Debunking this statement, Dr. Fabian Benjamin said “in the first place, all our services are online. We cannot advertise our services and ask candidates to come to our office. That is to say it is not coming from us”. He also stated that the claim is FALSE because all the services of JAMB, including change of course, late registration or correction of names are now online.
“You pay online at the comfort of your house”, he said.


There has been no introduction of a new policy that requires graduates to pay any money at the office of JAMB. According to the JAMB Office, candidates should visit the official website of JAMB for any information and since this alleged ‘JAMB Matriculation List’ is not officially on the website, then it is false.

Also, it is noteworthy to add that once a candidate sits for JAMB, gets admission into the university and then matriculates, automatically he/she is qualified for NYSC. There would be no need for further clarification, says JAMB.

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