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Is there going to be a chip inserted in humans as part of COVID-19 vaccination? No!

A viral video on social media with a message claims there is a warning against coronavirus microchip vaccines


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Coronavirus, which surfaced in Wuhan China in December 2019 has  on Friday September 25, 2020, infected 32,416,537 people globally, 987,743 deaths and 23,932,423 recoveries.

As  the global pandemic lingers, the search for a vaccine continues while the spread of  misinformation also continues on vaccine development.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are currently over 169 COVID-19 vaccine candidates under development, with 26 of these already in the human trial phase. WHO is working in collaboration with scientists, businesses, and global health organisations through the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, to speed up the pandemic response. 

In August, 2020, a video , accompanied with a message warning Christians not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, went viral. In this video, the man who claims to be the project lead said he was part of the team that developed a microchip which uses lithium and can be inserted in the forehead or hand. 

In this seven minutes, 54 seconds video, the speaker claims over a million dollars of taxpayers money was spent on this chip but no one should take it as it is a sign of the beast according to the bible in Revelation 13 verse 16.

The message that accompanied the video reads, “A project engineer who made the microchip that will soon be implemented along with the covid vaccine WARNS US NOT TO TAKE IT. Please listen carefully to  his story and his  message in this video.. After watching,  please share also to save lives. God bless!”

“What i want to tell you is that this is real, the microchip is real, credit cards are failing, they can be counterfeited, smart cards can be counterfeited, they can be stolen, they can be lost, all kinds of things can happen to a card but you cannot lose your hand. Very quickly, they are going to move to this thing in the hand and i tell you as a christian, you cannot take this. No matter what anybody says, God says you cannot take it.”

Screenshot of the viral message


A quick look at the video showed it is an old video. Dubawa discovered that while the message that accompanied the video links the chip with COVID-19, the speaker did not at any point in the video say the chip was meant for COVID-19 vaccine or mention coronavirus or COVID-19.

A closer look at the video showed the video had been altered as it had several jump cuts with some part of the speaker’s speech cut out and that of the interpreter totally cut off. Further, at 7minutes 17seconds into the clip, the audience behind the speaker and interpreter disappeared. Also, the flower on the pulpit in front of the speaker disappeared. 

Dubawa went ahead to conduct a keyword search which produced a fact Check by Reuters on coronavirus and microchip.

Screenshot of Reuters Fact check.

Dubawa also conducted a google reverse image search of screenshots from the video. This search produced different results dated as far back as 2002.

The search led to a site called BITCHUTE which shared the video with the title “the microchip and mark of the beast”. The video which had gotten 274 views and 3 likes on this website was published August 11, 2020.

Screenshot of Bitchute’s post.

Another result of this image search led to a website called which had different health related contents including the video warning against vaccine collection.

Screenshots of Healthymoneyvine’s page.

Another result led to a youtube page by David WhiteHeart with the title “Carl Sanders, Microchip Engineer, talks about marks of the beast implant.” 

This post made on August 11, 2020 has 411 views, 4 comments and 12 likes so far. 

Screenshot of David Whitehead’s post.

Another youtube post by Tigidig with the caption “Microchip was already existed, is this the sign of end times in the bible?”, was published August 25,2020 with 377 views and two comments.

However, in this post, the video was 3:26secs, unlike the other posts where the video was 7:54 seconds long.

Another youtube post made in May 2020, by Micheal Zion indicated that the man who invented Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) microchip speaks out. This particular video which is the longest at 29minutes has 3116 views and 96 likes.

Screenshot of Micheal Zion’s youtube post.

The search also produced an article published in 2002 by tagged the video a testimonial of Carl Sanders, the inventor of microchip.

Screenshot of Taddlecreed”s article.


A careful study of the video and the above highlighted red flags shows there is no connection between the content of the video and coronavirus. Neither has there been any move to make a chip associated vaccine, judging from efforts on vaccines compiled by the WHO. This makes the claim false and misleading. 

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