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Nigerian government not planning to increase NYSC allowance to ₦45,000

Claim: Multiple Facebook, Twitter users say the Federal Government of Nigeria is set to increase the NYSC allowance from ₦33,000 to ₦45,000.

The claim that the Federal Government of Nigeria is set to increase NYSC allowance from N33,000 to N45,000 is false. The spokesperson of the agency confirms that the heralding information is not true. 

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On social media, specifically Facebook and twitter, multiple users are saying that the federal government is set to increase the allowance of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) from ₦33,000 to ₦45,000. The claim appears recent and came after the payment of allowances of the corp members for January 2022 was delayed.

On facebook, the claim was shared by multiple users with the simple but catchy headlines: “FG sets to increase NYSC allowance to 45k. Dear corp members, you can save more than extra cash this time around.”

The viral claim on Facebook

On Twitter, the claim opened a space for debate among social media users. Users on the platform seem to welcome the idea of increase of allowance and even shared it.   

The viral claim on Twitter.

Although the federal government truly increased the allowance from N18,900 to N33,000  in 2020, none of these users sharing this new increase identified their sources. Despite the absence of proof, comments from users clearly show that they actually believed this to be true. An example is from a Facebook blogger, “Kennyblogger,” whose post has generated 1,000 likes, 236 comments, and 20 shares. 

Kennyblogger’s post.

A user, Makuo Nwakozor,  who is presumably a current  Youth Corper commented thus: “Now my NYSC  allowance is about to end. That is when they remember to increase it to 45 000 Abeg thunder where you dey?”

Akwe Francis Omaku, another user who also appears to consent to the narrative said:

“And they should please start it this February abeg…I don broke even as the never paid February allawe.”

Apparently, most users believed and tagged the said increase as a strategy towards the upcoming presidential election. 

Facebook comments from other related posts.

In a bid to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war, the NYSC scheme was established in 1973 by the Nigerian government. 

According to a report by Premium Times newspaper, the NYSC monthly allowance was raised from ₦9,775 to ₦19,800 in 2011. However, due to the new National Minimum Wage, it was increased to ₦33,000 in 2020.

Recently, Dubawa debunked a WhatsApp claim that the NYSC has put payment of the January 2022 allowance for corps members on hold until further notice.”  


One common feature Dubawa noticed in the trend of the claim (both on Facebook and Twitter) was the absence of the information’s source. Apparently, none of the claimants provided any information about the source of the information. It simply appeared as a tweet or a Facebook post.

In fact, when DUBAWA questioned one of the claimants  over the source of the information, the user, Precious Umezinwa remained vague and said: “it’s true but they haven’t implemented it.”

However, unlike this user, others ignored similar questions over the credibility of the claim.

Seemingly, the inability of these users to name their sources suggests that they also “shared as  received,” which often, is a cause of misinformation.

Usually, an increase in pay makes the headlines. However,  when  Dubawa made an inquiry, results showed that no newspaper reported it. This is one major red flag.

Further, Dubawa contacted NYSC Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations, Emeka Rems Mgbemena over the efficacy of the claim. 

Briefly but sternly, Mr. Emeka discredited the claim. “My brother, it’s not true,” the spokesperson outrightly replied to DUBAWA  via a text message.


The claim that the Federal Government of Nigeria is set to increase NYSC allowance from ₦33,000 to ₦45,000 is false.

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